drawing | chaos and {street} {dis}order

a good few sundays ago i set off early to montmartre. i'd drawn myself an itinerary. temperatures quickly rose formidably and in an overheated state i decided to rather follow my instincts {and an alluring metro-underground poster}, leading me to the musée guimet, to attend a simply gorgeous textiles exhibition on the tsutsugaki way of indigo dyes, using rice water resist for wax. yes. that is a mouthful, i agree.

from a chaotic heat outside to an airy upstairs gallery in a brilliantly cool museum specializing in eastern art; it was a first for me, and a welcome change from intolerable temps. as i strolled through japan, china, india and so forth, i kept on groping at my chaotic scrap of paper, at the bottom of my bag by now, having gotten torn and crumpled, between an overdue sandwich and an unidentifiable piece of fruit.

however, no crescendo to my story. but oh! is it ever nice today to draw back on the memory of the steps i took, the streets i walked, the chaos of the moment. which also means, by jotting it down yet again... i end up on order street, a most engaging state of mind. more chaos, perhaps also order, chez barbara this weekend. 

drawing | nature

when i walk and i happen upon a small wood and lined up trees, i rejoice. here's a sight adversely wild to me, aligned trees standing tall. year in, year out their only worry seems to be growing. tall. i always sense there is a lot to learn for me, on a spot as such.

i used scraps from natural history decoupage {from another project} to patchwork together dreamy birch trees. i covered them up with a template i stamped with a freshly cut courgette head, not that it shows. you will find my latest walk here {here's a tip to start back the flickr slideshow of old, which has disappeared in the new layout. when you add the word /show, at the end of the flickr url i suggest here above, and then press enter, the trusted slideshow will be retrieved! enjoy.}.

i thank you all, dear challengers, for your enthusiasm for this week's theme and i also sense a great excitement for pulling into practice our collective dream of meeting up and having a go at a live drawing challenge. this dream can grow into a manifold event, i am quite convinced. please do not hesitate to communicate your favoured july 2014 date. we will settle for a specific date pretty soon, and will let you know thereupon. please find all spirited drawing entries below here, tinyWOOLF takes a bow. ♥


remember our collective dream of meeting up and experiencing our weekly drawing challenge live
there's one way to achieve this, and that's by making it happen. 


an opportunity open to anybody wanting to participate, we do need thought and we proffer action. 
barbara and i have been brainstorming a little on the subject and came up with this idea of hiring a house in germany in the summer of 2014. european challengers are invited to come (and stay) and participate. we suggest the month of july - please inform us of your preferred date(s).
participants in the americas, canada and australia could organize a similar gathering as previously suggested by emily and kristen, at the same time/or at a different time. thoughts? 
by the way? we are thinking fun workshops too! 

imagine sitting round one and the same table, babbling, cackling, laughing, looking, drawing. {image courtesy of patrice}
let's make it happen. 
ps - anybody wanting to participate can do this from home too, naturally. today's lifestreaming technology will guide us through (and doesn't that sound wonderful?) 

trying to figure this out now 
helps us come closer to our dream 
and make it happen! 
and while we're at it, 
let's honour nature
it's a wide open theme on 24-25/08/2013
for a wide open dream.
please,   s a y   y o u ' r e   i n.
next week's dc theme completely involves your exclusive thoughts on 
and ideas, tips and triggers for our 2014 LIVE event. 
do not hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments section, 
for all of us to see, read, and comment back on.
please inform us about your preferred july 2014 date{s}

drawing | bed and board

inner monologue: when in doubt, persevere, trying to get an idea on paper. you should know i was so convinced when on a walk earlier this week. i saw this picture, and figured, 'bed and board!'. so this would be it, i thought. i pastel coloured a sheet of drawing paper, glued two tissuepaper layers over the top for texture and slithered down into doubt from there. doubt is beautiful though. i recommend it. ☻ ariane came up with a multi layered theme, go check out her gathering. ♥

as an extra, and as i was drawing {and doubting} away, this silly picture popped to mind. it was snapped a few years ago, in a second hand furniture shop. i thought the owner's way of displaying was fancy. and probably a result of luck. as subject matter, i sense 'bed and board' here too.... fyi, the backgrounds are real. this bed stood in front of a wall to wall window.

paris VII - the quirk

as usual, these are my absolute favourites, my babies. the images that talk to me most, when sifting through a whole summer library of good old paris. needless to say the camera is always at hand, i get mixed up with its leash, my glasses thing, my bag and a lunch tote. i do. it is not a sight to see, and it's best i travel alone. ENJOY THE VERY LAST BATCH OF PARIS 2013. you can pick any theme down below here to switch yourself in a different parisienne mood. 

the paris series {parts III, IV, V, VI}

PARIS VI - GRAFFITI & CO - paris just as much as any other place on earth falls prone to scribblings, tiny and much larger graffiti, billboards and posters, to name but a few. i always fall instantly in love with mosaics, standing testimony to early advertising. PARIS VI - GRAFFITI & CO. 

PARIS V - DESIGN INSPIRATION - i hadn't expected to hang out in paris musems the way that i did. it was so hot outside, i figured a museum would offer cool air, which it usually did. in the east wing of the louvre (which i've yet to discover, would you believe it?) sits the musée arts décoratifs, in which the design brothers bouroullec {until september 1st} hold a kind of a résumé exhibition. i was enthralled, especially also by the fact they draw. like a lot. if i say, a lot. i mean non stop. they are drawing challengers! ☻ PARIS V - DESIGN INSPIRATION.

PARIS IV - "SHOP FRONTS & PRIVATE DOORS" it's been raining all day yesterday. and night. it's been windy. with it i could smell early fall. i've opened the door wide to fall. for fun. perhaps in doing so, you see chance to slip through a few doors yourself in PARIS IV - SHOP FRONTS & PRIVATE DOORS. who knows what you will find, besides autumn.

WOOLFENALIA PARIS III - "GALERIES ET PASSAGES" - kylie lovingly calls it woolfenalia. i couldn't agree more. imagine a lovely lady 'down under', who comes across another {red caped} lady and saves it for and sends it to another one up north, who la-di-da-LOVES wolf & red riding hood. where the wolf theme comes from is a long story that some already know about. push the about button to your right, and all will be revealed {again}. aw. would you just look at red riding hood? she's celestial, ain't she? thank you, kylie! 
please find below aforementioned paris series.

the paris series II

PARIS II - VITRINE - i don't think i walked rue de rivoli before, not in a sweltering 36°C anyway. neither did i stay outside all day in such heat wave temperatures. but it was paris after all, and it was my summer break, so i needed to grow an extra conscience and be done. lécher les vitrines {window shopping}, a favourite paris occupation, came quite natural. please use below buttons for specific paris series. ♥

drawing | fern & paris I - classique

variations on a theme have been on my mind. as i walked, talked, stopped, listened, looked. the funny thing also was, i wondered about the garden at home. and about the one fern i keep. the one that sits in darkness, and thrives in the afternoon humidity. as i joined the morning queue to finally witness ron mueck's fabulous work on boulevard raspail in the 6ème arrondissement, i wondered about my sweet little fern back home. to kill time standing in line, i started drawing what i was missing. 

norma loves ferns. she keeps some this weekend. i'm slowly easing my way back into blogland. soon, paris paraphernalia will pop up everywhere, like curly fern. SPECIFIC PARIS SERIES. DOWN HERE BELOW. enoy. ♥