drawing | halfway metamorphosis {please hover}

our first time metamorphosis was hosted by rose ariane also! let's have a look at what we are talking about four years down the road... and although i started out doubting the challenge, an early morning pinterest walk got me inspired. 

drawing | cocoon {winter cycle}

when to bed, curling up in a tiny pool of warm sheets and soft bedding, atop a well comfortable mattress, i feel in sheer heaven. indulging in that trusted mass of cotton, wool and expectation is a thing to look forward to every night. 

drawing | where the ♥ is, and also rather a few "anyway's"

every year, for many years, my mr. valentine has no inkling as to behind which door i'm at, for he's passed my house repeatedly, with little hope of a return. it sounds bleak, but don't let my blab fool you! i love my mr. valentine {unknown}, and one day, yeah? 

drawing | 6 and 7

uh-hoh. sixes and sevens... starting with animals....

DRAWING CHALLENGE NEW THEME | 6 and 7 {sixes and sevens}

i first 'mis'heard the expression {of sixes and sevens} when julie covington conquered the world in her fragile 'don't cry for me, argentina'-voice. were you lost in that world of power and deceit? i hummed that complete musical well into the eighties, i was smitten!