drawing challenge NEW THEME : stained glass

stained glass often has a religious connotation. how could it not have? its sparkling beauty rises holy debate, especially when sunlight falls through abundantly. nonetheless and even without the help of god, we can let ourselves be immersed by spiritual thoughts. 

illumination ahoy! let's have it for the late summer light? feel free to join the band of glory, and especially of stained glass. elisabeth, renilde, jasmin, rachel and ariane have signed up!

anybody with a new (next week's) theme, feel free to indicate ... ☻

corner view ≈ change

what better time for change than september, on the last day of august? oh glory! for some reason or other this tune springs to mind, but then the air seems to burst with humour and lol. oh yes! it's that time of the year when the coen brothers uninvitedly knock on the door and hazardous dapper dan, for obvious reasons, melts my ♥. all over again. 

in september.... i just live twice! in september, i find change to be easy as pie. cherry pie. and then pumpkin.
bon appétit joyce, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca

drawing | window

photo on wall : henk van rensbergen
windows are magical. when outside looking in, i love all kind of shapes, brand new or wheathered, i really do not make a distinction. they are the dreamy part of a house.

tannery schotte in aalst, belgium
if darkness falls and you find yourself outside looking in, and windows aren't dressed by the inhabitants, magic mounts to a crescendo. it may be punch & judy in there, hence broken windows. [a friendly banter anyone can appreciate, you should have been in my house this weekend! ☻] 

derelict house in aalst, belgium
upon entering a house, a building, an apartment for the first time i fly to the window, to aknowledge the view and then nod. yes, this is how things look from right here. i love window talk! 

dreamy window in hemiksem, belgium
all time favourite window of mine,
i wished i could have taken it home!
in view of next week's theme, which i chose independently from but coincidentially close to jasmin's, i will leave my window unclad, pristine and bare this weekend, so that i can burst out next week....

do click image to read the quote by
elisabeth kubler-ross
{swiss-american psychiatrist and author}
nonetheless, i believe some pretty windows shall open over at jasmin's this weekend!


sometimes when we drive

we see things

hot air balloon!

corner view ≈ passion

lessen / lessines
let's face it (and speaking for myself), when one surges to google up passion, then perhaps one isn't focusing? thus i refrain from quick reference, as i refrain from many automatic gestures these last couple of weeks, omitting cybernaughty internet, deflecting world wide webbing, dismissing stiffling bookfacin' and tweetin' stuff. bringing the actual bird back in, so to speak. 

passionate flower in a's princes' garden
crawling back (it does feel like crawling, because letting go of too many impulses means slowing down. slowing) to a quiet pace, where passion roars from an explosion of words or a panoply of images only. just the one or two senses at a time, yeah? perhaps just, and only just, accompanied by a bite into something heavenly nice? 

l's passionate enokitake sushi
indulgent? moi? passion for dorit, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.

vintage finds | reminiscence

this thrifting mode sure tells us something about our tendency to melancholia or nostalgia, do you think? as i'm slowly walking the archived hall of objects passed and bought (and then stored for future reference), i see it all happening again in front of my very eyes. 

the why's of things adored. 

the how's of bringing some things home. 

the if's that may lose out. 

the propers that will live until they break. 

the images. 


the images.
sophie's choice.

drawing | monkey

taking the boy out of the monkey is one thing. taking the monkey out of the boy, i'm not sure i can or want to. born a monkey under chinese sun&moon, it might just always have him turn into a curious, clever & mischievous little apa. now, where could he be hiding? elisabeth is gathering our monkey businesses today!


in answering a few people's questions, what to do with {tiny} clouds indeed? it sure makes me wonder, after last night's wreckage at the youth music festival in the east of our tiny country. a few blistering clouds there did no good at all. hail beating down thick as snow, wind lifting trees from their grounds. son tottered home soaking wet, after a late night hike, with most of his pals. like with so many others, his eyes filled with harrowing disbelief. we are mourning the lives lost.

corner view ≈ tiny

'home cutting'
day by day tiny gets more ground. by setting forth the tiny journey, the tininess of things appeals more. 

'cloud cutting'
especially when one can put tininess in x-mas boxes! {here she goes!} will it help if this is the very last time i mention x-mas before x-mas? (but not boxes, 'course). 

'bus cutting'
and don't let appearances have you deceive either, all will be revealed, in due course. 

'booklet folding'
in fact, tiny soon to be a recurring theme .... in the meantime looking forward to your tininesses... ☻ jane's corner view, hosted by francesca

tuesday broth

when salad leafs whimper themselves into a sorry state and corn wavers from the sideboard, broth is the word.

drawing | metamorphosis

while googling metamorphosis, my mind starts focusing on one i love to jabber about, whenever i get a chance. do you know of maria (some semblings to the original maria are in place, yes), who is waiting on an intermediary (read : saviour) in metropolis?

directed by fritz lang in 1927, metropolis has, throughout time, been subject to controversy and genius. the sap that i am is most crazy about the eighties giorgio moroder version, reverberating (a.o.) freddie mercury's theme song LOVE KILLS. doesn't it just, sometimes? kill. love. ☻

this week's theme found me drawing and scribbling on something i threw out this morning. the relief! which is the reason why i have to turn metamorphosis upside down, and show you a possible before.

{filmmuseum berlin - deutsche kinemathek}
image found here
if the above sketch served for lang's fantastic megalopolitan vision in his 1927 movie, then below here is just one of the urban places we come from, right? well, perhaps not in those colours...

ariane, she did touch a vein in me! the cultural minded lady she is, i'm pretty sure she'll nod at metropolis, nein? anyway, metamorphoses galore in her house today! go see...

corner view ≈ homeplace, almost alice ☻

i wasn't alice back then, no, no, and i don't on the whole feel like an alice now. but i do find this life is getting curiouser and curiouser. for knowing so much more than back then, and for knowing nothing at all. for wanting the same things as ever, and realising they are never a must.

each time i visit mum in her home, the place i grew up in, i bump into images of the past.

each door that creaks open reveals a long forgotten memento, not to regain, but to cherish.

each corner mum and i turn... well, new mystery seems to open up. [i'm leaving in the middle which character mum'd be playing in wonderland.]

but i do frabjously sing-song in my head, at anybody who's mean, 'off with your head', and i love to fudderwupp, anytime please. just to say. my inner sweet alice is rather far out than almost alice. ☻ owing it to our homeplace, i'm guessing. 
surprising theme homeplace was chosen by kristin, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca

greetings from montaigue

there is a possibility that when you go looking for the one thing, you find the other.

like sugar-faced-dressed-up-bull-dog-christmas-balls, e.g.

while sitting sipping coffee in disneyland for adults SCHERPENHEUVEL (in french MONTAIGUE) rose from its ashes, luckily for us, mortal souls, prettily deserted.

it offered some precious time to go dawdling, snapping here and there a little treasure.

i wish i could reveal more of bell's imminent intentions in the shop.

for now though, we're just getting ourselves pensively reflected in holy windows...

not toast yet!

but genuinely enjoying the scenery

getting all wired up

h.e. bates. i wondered, as i was slowly making my way through LOVE FOR LYDIA, whether it was the DARLING BUDS OF MAY guy i was reading in high school. my high school english teacher was a peculiar one. i loved her dearly and i suppose she encouraged, perhaps even ignited my love for anything english. whenever she would scold anyone of us, she did it humorously : 'shame on you, and on ALL of your grandchildren'. a fifteen year old doesn't exactly dream about that yet. apart from half of the classroom cracking up, i felt she was odd.
when said teacher complimented us, she did it with style and purpose. she would pad us on the shoulder, shoving one or other novel under our noses. at exactly such a time she must have dropped FAIR STOOD THE WIND FOR FRANCE in my lap, a novel i really took everywhere. reading it, while walking the pavement, for instance. strange, i have not done it since.

LOVE FOR LYDIA is seventies slow and has a bunch of actors in it, at the off set of their acting career, a.o. jeremy irons. the BBC series feels a little worn, probably because of the time (past). here's a young narrator falling for lydia, while lydia does her utmost best to make ALL of the village lads fall for her, which complicates things (and makes the story of course). deriving from the semi-autobiographical note attached to LOVE FOR LYDIA, bates wasn't all that humourous, but certainly psychologically insightful.
anyway. i crocheted me a good handful of new hearts, so THE WIRE, season 5 can slip in through the back door. son and i will be sitting next to one another on the couch again. ☻

corner view ≈ trios

uno, dos, tres. trios? that's what it is, innit? on eurovision 1976 catherine ferry represented france with 1,2,3 (ma politique à moi). in retrospect, that could be my philosophy, but then i'm also thinking what couldn't be my philosophy? another true thing about me is, that i count when i'm crocheting. repetitively. meditatively. 1, 2, 3 (and much more, of course, or i'd soon get stranded). 

here now a little sneak peak into the box contents, a-mentioned here. yes, yes, it'll soon be christmas, i know! george chose trios, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.