corner view ~ path

the long and winding path will move me upwards and who knows onwards into germany. i'm meeting up with blogfriends by the end of this week. later in july i will spill the beans. for now ich bin yet kein berliner, but berlin will be my first stop. 40°C...  here i come {umpfffffff}. have sweet holidays yourselves and enjoy the paths involved. ♥ jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, mezza's theme.

drawing | plates

i wrote in my diary : i cannot deny who i am, nor what i am, nor should i try being some'uk else. and i sighed. next i made us some dinner on plates. i'm telling you, deciding to do an open house does rattle my cage. i've been drawing tiny and bigger designs, trying to find what it is i'm gonna show, and i'm getting a little jittery. by little i mean alot

corner view ~ mono!{chrome}

in the eighties in music, we survived die neue deutsche welle, influenced by the earlier new wave. germany produced one great sounding band after the other. just to say monochromie does not have to equal monotonie. we LOVE monochrome, even if we have to fake it. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, mezza's thema. 

all that jazz

cartoon classes wrap up. and we're stepping into year two. even if i find cartoons may not be my biggest love, i enjoy picking up tips and tricks. today i shook away all that 'school' hassle in the rains. the studio didn't work out either, so. when i returned from the rains, i felt replenished, to say the least. and my feet got soaking wet.  

corner view ≈ paper {projects}

cutting, cutting, cutting. and getting sore fingers from cutting up hundreds of pages. and when is the actual artwork gonna happen?

drawing | something from the ocean

oops: one chick, too deep a shell! veronica's ocean {in the woods} this past weekend. i'm so late i could cry. 
will come visit y'all on wednesday! 

drawing | moving

there is no action that moves me so as moving. i must have had this forever, because when i was small i glued my face to the car window and just swooned, looking at the world happening outside, moving about.