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there is no action that moves me so as moving. i must have had this forever, because when i was small i glued my face to the car window and just swooned, looking at the world happening outside, moving about.  

i lost/lose myself in day dreams, plans and expectations (those were great!), when moving. these days my commuter train cleaves through pretty much the same landscapes i first got to know extensively when i was around about fifteen. 

there's been a time in my photography development years i photographed movement. nothing like lartigue dear ever did, but i enjoyed it anyway. right up to the moment teacher said, and now for something completely different: still life. i naturally said no

movement is my best mate. in movement i dare dream big. a moving landscape talks to me, gives me energy and courage. so much so i sometimes take the train to absolutely nowhere, just to be moving. to clear my head even. 

incidentally, as i was coming home from work last thursday, odysseia 2015 was putting up a small show in a central station's reception hall. shoes hung from the windowed ceiling, look at them move about! fische frauen's weekend theme: love it! ☻ {PS - i've looped the moving image above just 19 times, so it does stop eventually! by clicking the image you start up the moving again.☺} 


  1. I am so with on that. Your images make me want to jump in the car and start driving.

  2. there's a song about that.......

  3. ;^))
    i like to move, travelling by bike, car or train
    love the sound of a car, especially a VW Beetle
    we used to have one when i was little
    that sounds, mmmm..... best sound to sleep on
    i also like to move, meaning
    to move and settle in a new place
    and so i did, 10 or 11 times
    never before i lived this long in a place
    as the place we live nowadays, almost 13 years....


  4. I like the Odysseia shoes, however not too long! I'm still wondering if the moves are part of the installation or invented by you...:)

  5. love your series of photos, fun
    and your other photos, the clouds are dreamy wonderful, none of the chem trails in them
    how fun that you love movement
    i love maps, they inspire me to move
    somehow i got this week confused with the theme color...... if i had another chance, i would do something with a map ;-)

  6. Going for a drive/walk/train ride/ flight to see what you can see.
    An adventure. Reid's like adventures!
    Still lives? Lives are not still!
    I too enjoy moving to new places as does Patrice. We moved 13 times in the first 11 years of marriage!
    Have a great week, Nadine. xo Carole

  7. Movement is also a friend of mine.

  8. Oh, riding on trains, that's one of my favourite things to do. Unfortunately, this only happens in E and only if we decide to go for a long day of it to London. Usually I'm driving absolutely everywhere, and even when R drives in E, there's usually tall hedgerows and banks on either side of the highway and I can't see the fields, but that train is just magical! Great installation too. I bet seeing all those shoes made you smile. :D

  9. Love your photographs 😍
    There are many swinging shoes in my street too!

  10. I love how your photo is about movement and the ideas you express, and at the same time that it is completely still. Almost like Magritte`s day and night in one view, you captured movement and stopped time all in one brushstroke in your unique magical way.

  11. PS I didn`t realize all the other photos! I had just seen the one, but now found the moving ones, thats really fun with all the shoes and people in motion!!

  12. I too like movement although I savor those times when I sit out on our back porch and simply breathe in summer and peace.
    I am now retired! Yea! Am loving it!!! :>)

  13. I love watching my little grand daughter, continually she moves, never a moments stillness, from her face down to her tiny toes! :-)

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    1. Love to move like you. I am moving, so I am, dearest Nadeschda ;-)
      I got lost with your link to Jaques Henri Lartigue... an old love of me (I brought a catalog of him 30 years ago and my sister shouted me: You'd better brought a manual for photographers!... NO! was my response)

      So, this time something from the ocean? I am waiting. The ocean/sea is even movement, no?

      xo Ariane


  15. Just this weekend I discovered or admitted to myself that I am, in fact, a lazy driver. I am a great passenger and prefer to be driven. It's rare when I prefer to drive. Even when I feel I would be a better driver. But when I must and do, I will eventually enjoy it. Trains as busses I love.