drawing | time travel, and world, and space, and universe

what better ending to a year chock full of experiences than by {time} traveling? when you come to think of it, we are on a constant trip, be it street walking, online adventures, world kitchen, or an actual holiday destination, naturally.

for some reason, i felt being lifted up in space this week. tintin burst to mind, and i let him take me on his rocket-of-thoughts. miss herzfrisch has taken upon herself this week's drawing challenge; check out her gathering. 


have a wonderful season everyone, whichever one it is you are feeling in your part of the wide, wild world. i'm chancing on a few fluffy clouds in those unlimited skies, a handsome tree in the distance to distraction, and a free fall back to earth by august. 
flaming nora, here we go! 


corner view ≈ five things about me

not any five things will remain long the same for me. the five things about me today will be different from the five things i will tell you tomorrow. today i feel 

not a thing to be done about that at this very minute. luckily there's jane's corner view, hosted by francesca. will take a summer break too, as from next weekend. all of you, dear sweet fellow bloggers and readers, have a swell month of july, i'll be popping by! ♥

drawing | solstice & renov # 55 {studio countdown 6 of 10}

i aimed at july to get the studio finished, thinking, i'll be done way before that. 

we're nearing the end of june and i look around me, 
and think again.

why yes, having come a long, long way. 
let's keep it at that, and not look into details.

first now though, a soltstice celebration, which i cheered from indoors, 
sort of by sleeping, and dreaming, of constellations, and stuff... 
kristen found us the perfect theme for a summer summit. 

corner view ≈ sights | places of interest | off the beaten track

when i go traveling, i check out sights beforehand 
{both online and analog} 
and enjoy the anticipation of starting off. 
{francesca, below is FOR YOU!}

next i indulge myself in the prospect of taking a road less traveled, checking out a nook or cranny, chatting up a local, using all of my senses.... until i'm well and truly lost.

i do that each and every time.

when you allow yourself the time to get lost, you find treasures

and you sample eye candy for future reference. yumm!
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, tanïa's theme.
{all images, venezia 2013}

drawing | morning, noon and night

one morning i looked at the mug i was drinking coffee from. it is a mug from the french alps, but you wouldn't say so from the look of it. i asked myself what it would look like, morning, noon and night? playing around with light and atmosphere, i soon brewed me another cup. this weekend, helen finds whimsical solace in mornings, noons and nights.

corner view ≈ europe

the continent where one happens to be born in, is this where one's roots are? and is it so very different to other continents, besides climates? i'm always amazed at how similar our {corner view} thoughts run, whether we visit alaska, tasmania island, kazakhstan or indeed own the very bit of local ground we stand on. here's europe in pieces, long ago harbored by junior, these days frowned upon.

☻ jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, elsa's theme.

drawing | mood board

i've been mind mapping, and i've been planning accordingly. and then... time. ran. out. i pulled up a few pages from my sketch books I and II to build up a certain accord to the flower head i'm showing off. 

i've forgotten what flower it is i drew last september, as an hommage to a collapsing summer. i thought of the flower, because of the burst of colour. and also because our dear rose is collecting.

corner view ≈ somewhere else

as i drifted past melle railway station last saturday, 
i lost myself in a dream of blue wisteria overgrowing the old building. 
i almost wished myself somewhere else. 
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, elsa's theme.

drawing | key & hole

i've been meaning to draw a pub sign, because of its appealing design. even more appealing are {silly} pub names. so i mused upon this week's theme, as i saw a key and hole rising. now for some beer ☻ and keys and holes at renilde's.