drawing | solstice & renov # 55 {studio countdown 6 of 10}

i aimed at july to get the studio finished, thinking, i'll be done way before that. 

we're nearing the end of june and i look around me, 
and think again.

why yes, having come a long, long way. 
let's keep it at that, and not look into details.

first now though, a soltstice celebration, which i cheered from indoors, 
sort of by sleeping, and dreaming, of constellations, and stuff... 
kristen found us the perfect theme for a summer summit. 


  1. you can be very proud of yourself my dear, you came a long way indeed,
    your cheering doll does think so too,
    rain, wind or shine i raise my glass (actually cup of coffee right now) to you, enjoy the solstice and dream away, xx

  2. I like the box with 'private' written on it .. I bet everyone has a peek

  3. From your first hole in the floor....you have made huge progress.....I love your floors and that great chair! Heidi

  4. maybe you can't see it, but ik looks organized! well done and I love the drawing, I can feel the summer! so bright, I need that! and I'm glad my card arrived;-)

  5. it comes and goes too quickly, the solstice. but a gorgeous drawing to celebrate any parts of it that we might have missed. xo!

  6. Wow, Nadine, your studio is looking positively, absolutely, amazing! Hard work, yes, but such an organized space you have now. Three cheers to you....hip, hip hurrah! Your sunny solstice makes me warm and happy inside. Have a great week. xo Carole

  7. oh how wonderful to have your own studio! it is looking fabulous.

    your solstice drawing is full of the feeling of sun and celebration. wonderful day and beyond to you.

  8. I would love to have that studio, looks so inviting!
    and with your drawing comes sunshine and freedom into my heart and at your place, I am sure!
    x Stefanie

  9. you have extra hours in your day now heh heh heh you should have that done in no time!

    What I need is that green chair about 3 inches from my heater and Id be a happy camper......great colours for Solstace and yes patterns we have that in common dont we Nadine? I lurv the patterns

    Remember to enjoy your summer also...... but truly it looks like your almost there with the studio.

    Helen :))

  10. aaaah, dear Nadeschda,
    the sun! your wonderful, bright sun with rays so versatile as you, Hon!
    I raise my rialto cup of Caro-Kaffee to you and your studio! Truly a treasure chamber!

    xo Ariane

  11. oh my! you have actually gone forward a lot with renovation
    you know sometimes is impossible to see that
    when inside a situation

    your solstice made me smile : )

    (silly I missed this DC. I accidentally have posted something spot on the theme!)

  12. What a lovely place! And bravo for the drawing and the "work in progress" at your home.

  13. Oh yes you got the colours. Warm. Perfect. Love this. Celebration indeed. Luscious. Now I want a lemon flavoured ice cream!!! Your studio is going to be a joy to work in when it is done. You must be very excited. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Brava! N, xo

  14. Hello there!
    Your solstice drawing is beautiful, love all those colors!
    Enjoy summer days :)

  15. What a chance, it does look so organised! It must feel more inspiring to work there now.
    Your interpretation of solstice is beautiful! And I think you have captured the essence.

  16. deadlines and time tables are for the birds! my dear- everything is going as it should and all you have to do is enjoy it and do what you should and all will come together on it's own time- which is usually the right time ;)

    big hug to you and your colorful summer dreams !!

  17. It's wonderful that your studio is finished soon!! it looks great! and your drawing pleases my eyes!
    :-) mano

  18. Your drawing is so perfect for long neverending sommerdays, but I can't take my eyes of your studio pics, it looks all so damn interesting and organized, to say that again: you did a incredible job. All so inspiring and I love the idea seeing this for real - now the weather has to improve for that :/

  19. sorry for coming so late. I encata your solstice.
    I played the numbers game together :)))
    I loved it!

  20. sorry, I meant:
    "I played the game of connect the numbers"

  21. Your place is looking so inviting, N!
    Happy solstice belatedly - hopping busy here, and I am late visiting you DC, but glad I did - gave me a heat flash!
    xxoo, sus

  22. here's the sunshine! let's enjoy it while it last (the pessimist Italian in me always wakes up the day after Midsummer thinking that the days are getting shorter already!)

  23. What a comfy chair! Your studio has come a long way and again, all those delicious supplies!!!!