thing with feathers

last sunday's walk, brilliant underpass ☻ {ninove}
last week i reminisced on my teenage summers abroad, and if i wondered at all who toted the camera to shoot holiday snaps i am holding in my hand below, then i must admit it was yours truly. 

straight from the seventies, in my hand
my mum wasn't interested, nor was my dad, so. except for the ones i am in, obviously. this notion led me on towards suspecting all i've got left of two years of spanish costa is just 24+ images... 

brussels, already dreaming of paris pavement moments.... {brussels, office 'hood}
then i realised that indeed that's all we got from a camera roll back then, some 24+ images, good and bad and ugly. my parents allowed us just the one film roll per summer, that was it. 

have yet to look up graffiti artist's name, has 'done' a few buildings' sides {brussels, office 'hood}
those analog, light sensitive film rolls though? the impatient waiting for development and the painful disappointment of images coming out blurry, over or under exposed, badly composed or totally failed... 

l o v e. you notice? {brussels, office 'hood}
i cosset those faded charms however, depicting spur of the moment subjects. i googled most buildings back into significant existence, easing my spring journey-to-be into a gentle whirlpool of emotions. 

can't hardly wait. in the meantime, have a beautiful weekend. ♥

seventy five nights only

i booked myself a little holiday last week. OMG. i really did. i had set out to go to london, and ended up in spain instead! here's how that came about: south of the border is no go for me in summer temperatures. 

so, if i wanted to escape the grey skies, then i'd better take up the chance to travel south right now, ahead of the summer heat. and hopla! my heart needs nostalgia and will find it, most surely, in the province of valencia, 

where my 12-year-old-self first started making pictures, besides splashing face down into the surf of the balearic sea to find refreshment from those hot, yet pebbly beaches. some pebbles were rocks too. ☻

pulse, pulse, pulse, SO excited to soon be city hopping and sketching, photographing and market strolling, eating and drinking, reading and doing absolutely zilch, all while paring down my speech even, to the likes of si y no y p̶r̶e̶g̶o por favor. because, sagrada família mia!, i speak even less spanish than i do italian... . 

have a good week ahead. keep dreaming too... 


{images shown above are drawings 
of 'buildings lost' in the town i live in, 
all published in a local heritage magazine}


see no evil. do no wrong. don't lie. love your idioms

are you a liar? i am. i lie about many things. i fool myself, make myself believe. i've grown up a liar and i want to lie no more. 

i opened up an etsy shop in november last year. and that was a lie. bear with me, because i don't feel bad about saying that. the truth of the fact is, that shop was a lie. i didn't commit. 

what you don't commit to while doing it feels like submitting to the lies you have put up for yourself. sounds ominous, it is. at least, i am leaving the lie behind me. no more commerce, just feel

... and 'write' my story. grabbing my journals, using my pen, stroking my colours, kissing my palletes. wow. load of my shoulders. now let's begin. are you curious? so am i. 

let me see..... enjoy the weekend and next week? have a good one! ♥