curb love

hot pink curb love
coming home to an empty house after a friend's stay is a little difficult, so i pulled weed flowers from the curb today and they are reviving in a vase downstairs, and i feel cheered up. 

patrice printing and in company of dutch sunflowers
we played around with the gelliplate. i've had it for a while, but never broke into it (after actually losing several homemade ones here, and here). patrice had never gelliprinted before and she had a real go at it. 

so we also did bright yellow, to counterweigh the pastel abundance
i learned alot about colours, and my love for pastels got a good first seat view, which i appreciated. we fabricated a little home movie, but failed at the sound, so if you watch it, do turn the sound off, please. 

too damn hot again !!!!!
earlier this week i drew a new doily of which i'm really proud, i show it half here. i will make a postcard from it. the other half is moi, overheated already. damn hot sun. i don't need this heat. 

mum's garden of past times
i've also been experimenting with aquarels and composition. this is an illustrated impression of my mum's garden, they way i remember it mostly, because it's less elaborate at the minute. this is also just a sketch. 

baronie van boelare, geraardsbergen
yesterday we took a walk into the nearby woods and wandered past the Baronie of Overboelare, a place for the elderly today, but once grand property of a baron. it is a peaceful area. 

have a beautiful sunday and a wonderful week ahead. ♥ 


pink scallops
i went doily crazy all week long. if not in my mind, then on paper, and in between two chores i particularly dislike at the moment: renovating, and cleaning up. 

felled trees by the road side
i accidentally programmed the dishwasher in french, which makes me sad, so sad. i can't reset the languages, believe me i have done research to do so. why does all of this sh*te come in languages???

pink in progress
but thankfully there's been a bit of sunshine and a bit of going places too, although last week started with ikea to do's and it now seems to be ending on a similar note: i am still building interior objects. ☻

some of m's mum's tracing papers on ribbon lace, a.o. thankful source of inspiration 
since it's harvest time summer vegetables seem to be falling out of the sky so i've made constant use of the kitchen, mainly to preserve for a more barren winter time, which'll come, obviously. 

rhapsody in blue ☻
to end on a milder but contradictory bleaker note; i am watching OLIVE KITTERIDGE, after i red the book. i am saying bleak, and i mean it. but it is oh! so! good! love you, frances mc dormand. 

i hope you are having a sunny weekend and enjoy the week ahead! ♥

roar and sample

recycling fonts from IG 365
oh, do you know, one of my passions is trellis work and forged iron design. i seem to be drawing curves, loops and arches lately. i've been wondering if i could marry past passions to present raptures? 

one year past {and adding doily overlay ☻}... IG 365
line drawn house fronts, painted flower heads, illustrated portraits, make shift words, photo images, fonts, maps, wavering collage, ... tried and tested experiments that however tend to lead to utter chaos.

new ventures? collage? what? 
because chosing is difficult and the hesitation lessens my focus. artful expression and discipline is a never ending story of rituals and routines, and i sometimes have the greatest struggle with it. 

drawing a map of the town i live in
now my latest 365 days project is {at last!} drawing to a close, i hope time will free up itself, though that scares me too. i am looking forward to quality over quantity, but am also hoping for definition. 

i know! doilies! you can see some of my {overlay} doily play in image above
oh and guess what? belgian lace has stepped into my life. its forms and intricacies beguile me. oh is this yet another fantasy, or can i somehow work it into aforementioned interests and sample? 

sunday night here. i wish you a smashing good week ahead. ♥ 

planes and planes

geraardsbergen, pijntoren, excavation of medieval fundaments
i haven't mentioned anything about the finds our town is doing at the moment. expected medieval discoveries, very exciting stuff indeed. we've been up and about and to and fro, excited like littl'uns.  

ah. one can dream
i actually wouldn't mind being an excavator? still, i might just be more prone to excavate, organise and preserve homewares, such as computer files? ☻ while i write this down, i really should be painting. 

yep. those ones
and if not, i really should be constructing diy things from the mega scandinavian store, since seating poses a slight problem right now in our (new) kitchen, until those two sexy bar stools will be well and truly up. 

hot meal tonight i think
but i'll be honest. i'm dog tired today and there's plenty of veg in the fridge that need a hot pot under their 'hind so i can have a right proper meal tonight (and not just salad). this week has been too short.

drawing lines after all. billy cheers 50 years ago already!!!
... and cohen's suzanne on the radio right now doesn't really make me want to budge much. so, on the same plane i've been doodling only on the train, could not hardly even be bothered to read some. 

even so. have a good sunday an an exciting week ahead. ♥