drawing | skin

when you look at skin from close up, the surface is gently dented in with pattern. i dallied some, on the idea of skin design.

who doesn't like to {imaginary} colour in a hidden message? the message is in here, right above!.... i've fallen short of online presence, but then i've been in good company this weekend. carole and doug send their love !! thank you all for playing ariane{sharmon}luciakatrinveronicastefanietammiecitlallijoericpatrice, i'll be popping over later today. 
carole and i were thinking off and on about skin. last night, we reached out, skin on skin, as a symbol too, of our online and live connections, worldwide. hello, everyone!

drawing challenge NEW THEME | SKIN

i haven't much thought about skin. my own, anybody else's. but since i caught on human skin is an organ, and the largest one in our body, my respect is infinite. to evaporate and absorb, how cool is our skin?

drawing | pocket

remember chrissie hynde contemplating her brass in pocket? cherish that thought now i'm out working more than usual. those few moments i am not, i am eagerly beaverly looking for pockets of time, while cutting the grass, e.g. veronica's theme for DC.