corner view ≈ reflection

reflecting upon reflection, i realize there was a time in my life i thought reflections were all the rage. as i'm scrolling through oldies (images) i find proof of that, and more. i'm still pretty fond of reflections, especially on none too obvious surfaces, or in unexpected places. 

geraardsbergen, art school
chandelier reflection on piano
apartment block reflection in SCHELDE river
reflection of digging monster near river DENDER
closeby where we used to live, 
fading industry on river DENDER
museum LA PISCINE, roubaix, france
 reflection of stainless steel art nouveau window 
in old swimming pool
'upside down cake' image,
or buildings reflecting in the LYS waters
street on which we used to live, 
not our car
geraardsbergen, evening sun blaze on side of parked truck
just half an hour before super moon rose
♥ of course for that other bit of reflection, that a-one of the mind, i refer to night. and sleepless. no picture. might be a tad frightening.☻ jane's corner view, reflecting in fuoriborgo.

to wash in the wash to be

when spring is shouting in my very ear,
the flurry leads me on. past militants,
saluting the place i used to work in as a youngster,
into the european quarters
(which i haven't seen for the longest time,
must return when europe isn't residing in top meetings)
i walk a street i recognize,

after a short while
a stranger eating a sandwich is trying to lure me in
for more pic's, somewhere inside this derelict building,
but sorry guy! just the cell, won't do.
spring remains my strongest lead and
sun bounces off any building i look at,
derelict or not, they all shine.
i hold my head high until the very end,
when i feel squeaky clean refreshed.
brussels {elsene/ixelles} on a weekday.

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are you
from : the fairies
 anything like me?
from : the cricket and the ant
 do you go wild
from : cinderella
 over fly-leafs
from : fables de la fontaine
(endpapers, if you like)
from : nombres et figures
 in books?
from : mon premier dictionaire
 i go. 
over this here.
from : source unknown

sophie's flea market finds today

drawing | blossom

cole mentioned here, that catkins could easily be a term of endearment. i agree. and have you held fluffy catkins close to your skin, and wouldn't you want to use them for a sweet puffball on your visage? well, i'm not fussed about facials, but on my first spring walk of the year a few weeks back, those catkins sure warmed my heart. i simply could not put their image outta my head. and so it is they spring onto this week's challenge. this is just one graphicated view from my window on the commuter into brussels. barr the catkins. they live inside my head, did i say? stephanie is this week's hoarder of more blossoms. 

remember him? a few readers in the US wanted reminding of the road dates. For any very late minute changes, here's the SKETCHBOOK link, which gets updated up to the hour, when needed... before you throw yourself on that road, hey...? ♥ 

brooklyn, NY ☻ february 19-27 / DONE
austin, TX ☻ march 12/ DONE
portland, ME ☻ march 30-april 02 / DONE
atlanta, GA ☻ april 08-09/ DONE
washington, DC ☻ april 15-16/ DONE
rochester, NY ☻ april 28-29
seattle, WA ☻ june 10-12
san francisco, CA ☻ june 16-18
chicago, IL ☻ july 14-17
winter park, FL ☻ july 29-31

dust city, again {renov # 19}

it so happens that every once in a while i get dusted down from head to toe with, well, plaster. even when i'm not in the room while the builders are smacking white stuff in all the obvious nooks and crannies, i come down with a dusty hairdo white as snow. this week it was i alone on my own, bucket and spatula in hand, to spread the pow(d)er. the bathroom window open to the air, the radio on soft, whizzing binding into cream. oh lordy. are we ever going to get through this? 

but i'm still guessing we are. i'm telling myself, every centimeter i'm doing, is like, forever done. wow. forever. yeah.
the reason why i'm offering you seemingly mismatching photos is simple : no... more... dust... today!

update - after all the dust and grime of this last year's adventure, handling both comprehensive and selective neighbours and duro lavoro, the ol' house in front is being torn down, to stand ground for twelve new living units. they will be building them over, oh, ... the next year? today the ripping apart has started... well. what can i say? now there's dust outside too!

update 2 - as i was clearing debris from the garden in the spring sunshine, surrounded by a ton of birds, an idea entered my head, which soon turned into a plan. i put on my heavy boots and threw myself at the demolishers' mercy... that is, i bought them a few drinks, and they agreed i should throw my rubble in their stack. i never used to be such a zippy gal, but my dare saved me SO much trouble driving to and fro to the recycling park! my guess, nothing to lose, and all that. the gardeners-in-waiting are elated.    

corner view ≈ four-legged update

seems like quite a few are struggling over this last image? was it not a rage over at yours, in the seventies? i'll add a few reminders to that addictive art of scoubidou. you can easily google the method how to, but here's a few takes.

bowing two 'legs'
pulling through the bows two other 'legs'
leaves you with a knotted (plastic) cord
you can then add a message, if you like
little space to add a message
usually these little treasures end up as key rings. in case you wonder, the message on the chinese cookie paper reads : 'use a little extravagance to spice up your daily life'. no problem!

corner view ≈ four-legged galore

seriously? four-legged? for a theme? a good deal of angst, here. of all four-legged friends, i possess not a one (zaza belonging to a distant past. not dead! just not at hand.... ☻). but then. eureka! (i'm pointing towards ninja for the very expression).

a chair has four legs (b. hoskins not, i hope)
and so do two chairs (unless you're counting). 
these are ours, minutes before buying the set, 
still in storage at the moment, i'm afraid

four prongy legs to a fork, of course

eiffel created four legs to his tower. luckily

 battersea power station redevelopment
 courtesy seymour green

and this little four-legged passion (update on this above) has just catapulted me back in time. oi, oi. four-legged theme for jane's corner view, hosted by fuoriborgo.

vintage finds | five circles on a tray

at oddest times there's music streaming through this head of mine, and then some. you don't wanna know. anyway, 't 's been a full moon, that i've tried to capture on the digital, but a mean lens just won't do. onwards and forwards. now i did come across this cute setting. 

the wooden serving tray i'd seen a few times already, it just moved from spot to spot in the thrift store. until now, that is, them geese (if that's what they are) cranes are flying in this our house now! the tiny vintage crochet circly bits will go into a project.

the toile de jouilly lamp shade? well, we all know where lamp shades go. hey-dee-ho and sophie's open for the day.

drawing | a letter from the alphabet

race against time, almost. and then think up a practical liaison, for i'm a great believer in morris' quote : 'have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful'. i hauled up my simonetta from under layers of dust and saw i'd started on an abc of sorts, a long, long time ago. then i was wondering wether perhaps i could translate any of those preparations into, e.g., a future handmade blog header? i suppose i decided to take the long way home, for i found myself stuck with just the first letter of woolfenbell. anyway. the useful box ticked off, i'm now trying hard turning into a firm believer of beauty. i have to; top and bottom cut off in the scanner though. [nothing's perfect. neither is the world outside my window.... my heart going out to all this hardship befalling us, inhabitants of earth. when, oh when, will our world finally be powered by harmless skystreaming windmills only, so we can shake all these harmful power plays? i wonder.]

♥ update ♥

all of you, below here, are posting.
let's see which word(s) we'll come up with,
when we put our senses, er, letters together?

don't see your name?
let me know, like right now!
i will add you.

when tuymans tries

LOST, installation by emese benczúr [1].
in the back, tuymans' TURTLE

glad the weather was with us, so we could let our hair hang loose again, once outside and into the light. i wished i could say i'd been enlightened by the artist, but most part of the exhibition i resided in ethereal dusk. i didn't like what i eventually saw. i missed emotion. the hungarian fauvistes in the brussels town hall made up for that loss. there's no place like a warm and colourful home. and garden. and street. and world. ☻brussels, then.

ravenstein shopping gallery, glass mosaic ceiling
au numéro 20, groot eiland / rue de la grande île
shop 'papers', vlaamsesteenweg / rue de flandre
platans, kunstberg / mont des arts
FOUND, installation by emese benczúr [2]