dust city, again {renov # 19}

it so happens that every once in a while i get dusted down from head to toe with, well, plaster. even when i'm not in the room while the builders are smacking white stuff in all the obvious nooks and crannies, i come down with a dusty hairdo white as snow. this week it was i alone on my own, bucket and spatula in hand, to spread the pow(d)er. the bathroom window open to the air, the radio on soft, whizzing binding into cream. oh lordy. are we ever going to get through this? 

but i'm still guessing we are. i'm telling myself, every centimeter i'm doing, is like, forever done. wow. forever. yeah.
the reason why i'm offering you seemingly mismatching photos is simple : no... more... dust... today!

update - after all the dust and grime of this last year's adventure, handling both comprehensive and selective neighbours and duro lavoro, the ol' house in front is being torn down, to stand ground for twelve new living units. they will be building them over, oh, ... the next year? today the ripping apart has started... well. what can i say? now there's dust outside too!

update 2 - as i was clearing debris from the garden in the spring sunshine, surrounded by a ton of birds, an idea entered my head, which soon turned into a plan. i put on my heavy boots and threw myself at the demolishers' mercy... that is, i bought them a few drinks, and they agreed i should throw my rubble in their stack. i never used to be such a zippy gal, but my dare saved me SO much trouble driving to and fro to the recycling park! my guess, nothing to lose, and all that. the gardeners-in-waiting are elated.    


  1. It certainly does pay to be assertive and say what the H, it cant hurt to ask. I have learned that this philosophy pays off well, too.
    As for the construction across the street, yikes. I've lived with that before. Not fun. But if you can keep up a good relationship with those folks, it can certainly pay off!
    I envy that patch of dirt ready to be cultivated! I'm looking forward to getting back to mine in time for spring planting.

  2. Well done sweetie,saving time for better things, clever lady ;) xx

  3. Well done! I would have just sat there with my nose pressed to the window, wishing I had the nerve to say something!