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lazy sunday makes for lazy thoughts. alternating a good movie and wildlife (sort of) going on outside my window makes for fantastic relaxation. from nowhere bird flies into the tree. it is black. its tail is white and long. i'm calling my bird topbird, since it balances exotically on the top branch of this enormous douglas tree outside my skylight window. i have my camera on the stand, and lazily shoot a memory.  while i do so, i imagine BIRD to be an interesting drawing theme.  

then i discover elisabeth's drawing challenge. you know? i love coincidence! it is my first bird i ever draw [well, to be exact trace]. i felt like sprucing it up a little. now i'm flying over to yours, to come and have a peek at your birds all. ☻ instigator & theme (by) elisabeth at textilspanieln. [dedicating this post to the distressed people in japan]


  1. I love your drawings (as always). The lines and colours. The mirror effect. And coincidences are exciting.

    My post will be ready later today. I'm on my way out to see the spring sun first.

  2. ....talking about coincidens....
    mine is a pigeon too!
    but yours looks more like a peace dove


  3. "top bird" : )

    love your shell header! and i was wondering about watching that movie just the other day... glad to know it was good.

  4. Love this photo of your 'window on the world'~the only world worth watching lately. I think of your sky light all the time when I think of you. There's that butterfly card and the birds you drew...magnificent! I'll have to start drawing again, Kers!♥♣♠♦

  5. How can you change your banners so frequently? I've had the same one for two years ... I forgot how I did it!

  6. Oh, yes, I like the effect of mirror very much, dear Nadine. Birds of peace... we need them.
    x Ariane.

  7. Ahaaa, so Coco Chanel and Stravinsky were together once??...hmm I didn't know that.
    I'd have to watch that film too.
    Stop culturizing the world! hahahaha
    there's no way we want you to do that.
    I find very attracting this drawing challenge, I think I'll try it when I find some time (I've always been a keen drawer about anything but specially animals and dresses).
    Big kisses, i love watching my mail with your messages!

  8. Love your birds and the view from your window.
    talk about a great new header, Miss creative

  9. what a perfect and beautiful dedication to the people of Japan. I wonder if they sense all of the peaceful and healing wishes that are flowing their way right this minute?

  10. beautiful! your birds conjure up a feeling of strength and miracle...like a phoenix rising.
    i love the mirroring. really nice!
    i posted mine finally if you'd like to visit.

  11. pretty birds, I like their swirly bellies. So jealous of your skylight window.
    I'm new to drawing challenge, so happy to take part and see so much inspiration :)

  12. Beautiful! I love the mirror effect, the colors, everything.... :)


  13. Lovely kissing Lovebirds!
    I loved this word so much this week.
    I love coincidence too.