drawing | blossom

cole mentioned here, that catkins could easily be a term of endearment. i agree. and have you held fluffy catkins close to your skin, and wouldn't you want to use them for a sweet puffball on your visage? well, i'm not fussed about facials, but on my first spring walk of the year a few weeks back, those catkins sure warmed my heart. i simply could not put their image outta my head. and so it is they spring onto this week's challenge. this is just one graphicated view from my window on the commuter into brussels. barr the catkins. they live inside my head, did i say? stephanie is this week's hoarder of more blossoms. 

remember him? a few readers in the US wanted reminding of the road dates. For any very late minute changes, here's the SKETCHBOOK link, which gets updated up to the hour, when needed... before you throw yourself on that road, hey...? ♥ 

brooklyn, NY ☻ february 19-27 / DONE
austin, TX ☻ march 12/ DONE
portland, ME ☻ march 30-april 02 / DONE
atlanta, GA ☻ april 08-09/ DONE
washington, DC ☻ april 15-16/ DONE
rochester, NY ☻ april 28-29
seattle, WA ☻ june 10-12
san francisco, CA ☻ june 16-18
chicago, IL ☻ july 14-17
winter park, FL ☻ july 29-31


  1. Mooi gedaan, het ziet eruit alsof je ze zo kunt plukken!

  2. Ooooh!
    I love catkins!!
    Used to play with them when I was a child.
    They give a real Spring-feeling.

  3. thank you for introducing me to the catkin! what an interesting and lovable spring blossom! i dont believe i have ever seen one...it looks as though the pussy willow might be in this family...no?
    i also appreciate the detail in your drawing, the house in the distance with your distant but clear view of your favorite blossom, and all those tiny dots! how meditative!

  4. i love catkins : )

    and thanks for the reminder of the sketchbook schedule... i was just thinking about it the other day. it sounds like a wonderful way to escape a hot and humid july day in florida!

  5. oooh! catkins! we always bring a few branches in for easter and decorate them. ♥
    i LOVE your work and the colours you use to bring harmony. thank you!

  6. I thought this was or is the pussy willow....
    I bet the journal show is doing well!
    Have a super weekend,friend.

  7. indeed they have a name of endearing here, we call them MAČICE which not only means kittens but really very small and fluffy-soft kittens.

    you did capture their softness in your drawing, not only in catkins themselves, but in the background, it is early spring-ly inviting.

  8. We call them Pussy Willows...I love the name Catkins much better! Haven't seen any yet! But I've seen my Squirrels! And they are soft too!

  9. I love your work and soft colors, the details: little house and road, and the presentation of the blooming blossom, I can feel spring!

  10. Dear Nadine,
    for me, you are so brave... drawing in a printed book...But its just great! Wonderful "Kätzchen" and I like it most, that they're growing from one page to the other: they are spring!
    x Ariane.

  11. beautiful painting on a book,
    really like the color effect!!
    thanks for sharing,

    I wish you a happy and sunny weekend!

  12. pussy willows so fuzzy and sweet! i love learning more about where you are through your posts! I sense a little folk tale here...the journey to and from cookie's barn. Nice!

  13. Yes, they are pussy willows down here too. Sublime picture. You are very interesting Nadine. Where did we find you?
    You know I have been printing a lot on old books too. And 'endpapers', I have never heard that term. But I go wild over them too. And here in your banner .... see you soon.. i think i am hosting the next challenge - my word posted tomorrow.....

  14. Beautiful! How did you do this? Paint and glue in an old book? I've wanted to play like this with books for a long time, but I always get stuck with my respect for those books. Maybe you made me dare to buy some flea market-books and start to play! I once saw an artist painting with coffee in old texts, it was fabulous just like this.