when tuymans tries

LOST, installation by emese benczúr [1].
in the back, tuymans' TURTLE

glad the weather was with us, so we could let our hair hang loose again, once outside and into the light. i wished i could say i'd been enlightened by the artist, but most part of the exhibition i resided in ethereal dusk. i didn't like what i eventually saw. i missed emotion. the hungarian fauvistes in the brussels town hall made up for that loss. there's no place like a warm and colourful home. and garden. and street. and world. ☻brussels, then.

ravenstein shopping gallery, glass mosaic ceiling
au numéro 20, groot eiland / rue de la grande île
shop 'papers', vlaamsesteenweg / rue de flandre
platans, kunstberg / mont des arts
FOUND, installation by emese benczúr [2]


  1. these were amazing!! love the trees

  2. Too bad for the exhibition - but the stroll in brussels looks good!

  3. haha, I just noticed the NEW banner (thanks for all the tips!). You should really make a file of all your banners, and have a slide show in your sidebar or something!

  4. love your Brussels impression!

  5. I think that I would have had the same impressions. I love Brussels ;)