rhetoric (111-6) {vintage wallpaper musings}

besides whispering 'bout  books made into films, mlle paradis just gave me an idea on those wallpaper stories of mine. it's why i dedicate this. would you look at this pattern? to my knowledge this is exactly what hung in the other room, but in different tones. very creative! somebody picked these out now. or did they? did the rolls perhaps come in a two-at-the-price for one offer? what do we really know about our past? as i'm dipping into south riding, just about the best (and the only) thing worth watching on the bbc these days.... what has the past learned us, so as not to endlessly repeat errors today? 


  1. whispering a hello, just caught yours! thanks, I love the patterns (wallpaper).
    can`t make a heart symbol, so leaving the word--
    heart (and smile)

  2. such a lovely post :)

    i am so sorry. you didn`t win the give away...

    yours dani

  3. Maybe the present is just a variation of the past - different color scheme, same pattern? Hope not!

  4. I love this one Momma...I want to see your book in Seattle June right?