corner view ≈ experiment{s}

i've experimented some since we moved in in our place three years ago. as a means of getting back in the swing of {all~things~renovation☻}, i'd like to somersault for you and see if my fancy can be tickled back into experimental action.

i have been thinking myself silly over how to store a bicycle when having a small entrance hall way. any ideas yourself?  
(bicycle storage images :

3 experiments to be executed this weekend : 
1. upcycle an old bulky foot stool that i dismantled with great difficulty last spring

2. paint and fabric-refurbish this dusty floor lamp with a new coif

3. scrub, paint and hang up these mix'n'match thrift shop coat hangers in a make do shaker style in the above mentioned small entrance hall way. i might even add a spray painted deer's head, to go truly quirky on this one. i'll fit my intentions in a few before-after posts.

curious? as-am-i! i'd almost like to say: stay tuned over the weekend {mine begins tomorrow}, to witness these things happening.
happy experimenting, all! 

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drawing | eye contact

here we are slowly nearing the end of the rascal, dirty dark month of february. there's no shorter, no longer month of the year than february. in our gloomy northern hemisphere we are in need of a generous dose of spring light and airy breeze, and some heart warming... eye contact.

do houses make eye contact? does my studio night window whisper 'night'night to the hollow, as yet uninhabited night eyes of the building opposite? i wonder. renilde offers us a wild winter's theme. incidentally, a little true story of a few years back: a young, sweet, innocent {looking} student traveled on the same morning train as mine. for three long years, we dared one another into intrepid eye contact. in hindsight, i feel a huge embarrassing smile rising up, as a soft spot inside me remembers. 

today's hometown folklore procession. 
plenty of eye contact. 
and such beautiful weather. 
thank you, february. ♥

corner view ≈ bygones

may our rigid misconceptions forever be bygones. take a minute, take 4:29. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, nicki's theme.

corner view ≈ slow {cooking}

what can i say? i miss it. through lack of a gas cooker, i learned how to cook on electric hot plates the past few decennia. and i just didn't realize how much i'd adapted to the accidental slow cooking when leaving a pot on the heat and forget about it.

now fiery gas is back in the house, i try. i try. i do try. but it's not the same. i've stopped appreciating the gassy speed. i think i may be putting back in the electrics when our kitchen will be {fully} fitted. not before a handful of years, 'm afraid... jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, anna's theme. ps - anyone any ideas on slow cooking on gas? i've tried big pot on tiny flame, that doesn't exactly work. i haven't tried a simmer plate. anyone has experience with it? 

drawing | daily project {and a dedication}

my 2014 daily project is a drawing project. there's a river running through the town i live in, and i draw a sight in town every day. so far, i haven't drawn the river! and let me perhaps tell you some about previous and ongoing projects, most of them running behind the scenes.

* my 2012 ONE THOUGHT A DAY was great fun. it included thoughts, excerpts from books and/or films, quotes. brainy stuff, in other words.

* those daily thoughts evolved into ONE POEM A DAY (2013)which i quit well after a year. i may find the words come back to me.

* somewhere along 2013 i started writing down A WORD A DAY. i will do something with all of those 365 words. later.
* after the death of our beloved cat i dabbed at CATNEY, 3654 (2013). the random collection peetered away into its second month.

* another casualty : the 2014 DAILYPOSTCARDPROJECT. it needed so much fine-tuning and still didn't meet my expectations. i let it rest.

* at the moment, i have a FIVE A DAY OR MORE running, surprisingly enough acting like a meditation exercise. you know how negative the world can be, at times? this effective mindfulness exercise makes one recall {at least} five good things about one's day to write them down. it is growing into a concise diary, helping me to remember small events i otherwise forget. 

on the whole, i'm all for a daily project and using a blog platform 
as a background to those thoughts and intentions. returning to this discipline on a daily basis feels like a reward to creative industry. there's no specific need to share any of this with the world, which makes a change from 'ordinary' blogging. i'm not fussed about the meaning of these, neither do i count the hours spent doing them. my endeavours in the world of word and {photo}graphic image tick all of my personal preference boxes, spreading the love into my most favoured quilt : life. as is.

so, meet all of us chez stefanieall weekend long, leading us the way to more daily projects.

* this post also dedicated to phillip seymour hoffman. he could have made many more movies. i always saw him for the jack nicholson of the noughties, a terrific character actor. will be missed and RIP to you, 'best-man-in-da-house'. "slip'n'sli'e, dude". ☻

corner view ≈ vision

according to wikipedia, vision is a many splendored thing. as it would be. vision relates to the perception of sight, but it may refer to the physical mechanism of eyesight, besides possibly entailing a supernatural experience, conveying a revelation, an hallucination or perception that does not exist. all images tell you more. you know the drill. hover. ☻

let's keep it simple though and just look


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ENJOY today.