sorted. and perky

welcome. why don't you sit down for a bit? 
so. we are seeing clearer today. i had a late night dozing in front of a MAGNOLIA reprise, and felt so invigorated afterwards i was up a while longer, itching for the morning to begin. 

all my studio books rearranged and sitting at the ready
what with all of the kitchen refurbishments going on, and clearing out and changing overall spots, and pulling out bedroom carpets, and, and, and, ... i have finally also managed to fine tune the studio. again

books waiting to be cut up
the washing machine is proof turning, next i'll be testing the dish washer and the oven. that's on the kitchen front. but i'm (hopefully) cooking up a storm with papers and paints too. something is brewing. 

loving a messy table
and the best part of the week is here : saturday. i'm stocking up on a new week of IG posts, i'll be cutting up some book pages and i'll be pushing some paint around too, i think. 

showing off new mascotte. again. am repeating myself. ☻
... and keep breathing. the sun is out, i have sgt. pepper's in my headphones and a proper good mood to tote. have a good weekend everyone, and a beautiful week to come. ♥

orange is the new black

stepson brought vegs that desperatey need tlc. am having some tonite!  ☺
hi-yah! last weekend home before picking up in the office. guess what? i spent not one, not two but three whole weeks on the kitchen refurbishings. i'm sure i gave most people what's for. i am sorry.

monkey puzzle tree, hometown village walk
now. i had-not-expected-that! call me naïve, call me anything you like. but i'm sure glad we're now on the other end of the holidays and that kitchen is in, and she's just gonna pay off, from now on. 

my new mascotte from thrift shop. hasn't got a name yet! ☻
sure. my kitchen is female, what else? she's gonna have coloured walls, partly clad in pale morrocan tiles before long. only i need to dig those tiles up from the caves and i'm pretty sure i haven't enough tiles. 

yes. ATOMIUM try out. paul auster keeps me company, thank U
sigh. i have NOT drawn a single line. i'm lying. this saturday morning i did draw a few lines. i drew a slim BRUSSELS ATOMIUM version, unintentionally. somewhat rusty would be a synonym to what this is. 

still in studio. 
i have plans for the months to come. i am SO happy my 365 instagram project ends on september 10th. i've just about had it. my efforts amounted to just doubling my 125 followers. i don't get it. 

oh everyone!!! making liquid water colour from old fibre tips!!! 
but. i'm not doubting what i do, what-so-ever. you know? i just go on. i hate commercials, i hate how the world turns, i hate inequality and i am lost for words. often. but i go on. i hope the same for you. 

have a good weekend, and a pleasant week to come. ♥

seven year itch (part 2)

mock wood laminate table tops. hope that was the right choice ☻
the kitchen boys have gone. i've been elbow deep in soapy water and am getting baths and showers of the unbelievable kind. i am so not a cleaning lady, but am taking up brush and dustpan right now. 

kitchen sink (and hidden dish washer) turned 45°
... and water. splashing it all over. not just the kitchen either, but also in the front room, where i completely forgot to cover the open books sideboard. yep. i have been sorry about that. 

all so pristine and white. for now. just for now
naturally, we are singing while doing all of this cleaning malakey, for a new wave has come and i am riding it, even if i am afraid of deep water. i will be singing till sunday night, when i hopefully finish all chores.

as good as done with putting things back in livable order, i mean, the complete ground floor level
how do you like my new kitchen then, he? can i say i am completely smitten, i love it and i want to kiss it, and kiss it all over again. and then start right at the beginning of kissing it. 

vases. as blurry as blurry comes
this is probably the best of all the renov works that have gone on. i mean, seven years is no mean feat, and seeing an end to the strain is just so relieving that i think i can now let go of my fysiotherapist (joking). 

yeah, oh YEAH! totally blew that promise to self to stay away from cake. too good!
soon it'll be drinks and tapas for sure, over those fancy worktops, and people filling the space and i allow you to stroke my sideboards too. come on, you really fancy that, don't you? ☺

have a beautiful sunday and enjoy another week in the docks! 

seven year itch (part 1)

still in kitchen, 2015
but not in a bad way. it seems i've been cooking in an improvised kitchen for nigh on seven years, who'd have told me that and would i have believed anyone on the subject? 

old fridge, broken coffee brewer, lost magnetic thingeys. happy though, 2010
it all started with absolutely nothing. i remember christmas 2010, an icy cold evening, a bit of splendid cheddar cheese in the fridge and crispy bread. i felt rich. the fridge stood in the bathroom. 

yeah, that tiny camping stove, 2010
that bathroom sided as a slapdash kitchen for over 6 months, until it shifted north, into the now studio, where it grew into a well and true kitchenette, camping stove included. 

brand new floor, moving to and fro cupboards and table to build a makeshift proper kitchen, 2014
cold feet i had when we moved the whole she-bang downstairs at a point some two years later, when the floor finally got finished. old stacked cupboards, trestle stands and a vintage door became our new hub.

painting vintage sideboards, 2016
and so we paddled on, now and then moving the table, painting an old cupboard, changing the scenario as time, years, passed. under my breath always still cursing those odd worktop levels.

the day the kitchen bits arrived, july 5th, 2017
i pondered upon an ikea kitchen at a certain point, but years of renovation are taking a certain toll and i just didn't fancy the idea of building (yet again). and a fitting kitchen at that? noh-hoh.  

emptied out kitchen once again, july 11th, 2017
i took a 180° turn and hauled in the professional kitchen team, to bring me the hopefully creme de la creme of smooth worktops, sliding / silent cupboard fronts, brand new electrical devices and proper fittings. 

after a day's hard graft, putting up the fitted kitchen, part 1, july 11th, 2017 (45° turn from above image)
all of it designed pretty close to white, so space keeps residing in our kitchen. and all appliances can either be shown, or hid inside cupboards. oh! glory! my dream has landed. finishing pics tomorrow. ♥

the dove and the hilly slope

kitchen chaos
holidays ☺. in a daze ☻. i'm redoing the kitchen, or should i say; the builders are in and seriously messing about with my living space. yes, that would be putting it mildly. 

cleaned up, turned round that studio. no drawing ☻
i have to look for peace and quiet elsewhere. not so obvious, because many people seem to be noisily renovating too, in my street, and trains are packed with loud travelers, and the weather is hot. 

all done. 't was good
i did pirouette round a thrift shop yesterday, and i walked a few miles up and down streets and pastures. and yesterday, as i got home and decided to finish a short stories collection by kate atkinson, ...

my bookcase in quieter days
... i found her. or him, i have no idea. a fellow traveler calls pigeons the rats from the skies, because there are many, which i find rather lyrical, but it has me bemused some...  really

calm before the storm, i suppose. also, showing off my good leg. ☺
anyway. i crossed the street in front of the house, hoisted the dead bird in tissue paper and posited it in a flower printed paper bag, and away i went, onto the hilly slope i like to wander. 

sleep well, dovey
and there, i put the pigeon to rest, underneath a tree that will always be reminding me of the pigeon that died in my street, not sure why, there was only little blood on its breast. 

(homemade) (mhmmm, yes) seitan and red pepper stirfry with orange and thyme, and crushed potato and courgette
walking back i talked to a few people on the street, but never said i walked up the hilly slope to bury a dead animal. it was my tiny secret, shared between that common grey dove, and me. 

bon appétit, or else, have a bloody good week ahead! ♥

pinkish post

zur oranienburger strasse
last weekend's post was one of despair, i'll admit it. i'm feeling much lighter today. the weekend in berlin has cast away the shadows in my heart. i'm on the up.

berlin water pipes at rest ☻
as much so at home, as in my head. all of a sudden, things come together. in 10 days the new kitchen is being build in the home. next week it gets delivered. we've a packed week of chores ahead. 

sybilla maria merian - ariane, patrice, barbara 
i started by painting a dingy (but vintage) glass and wood sideboard. it's going to be all off-white, hopefully by monday night. i screwed wheels underneath it and thus broke my drill. things are looking up... ☻

botanischer volksgarten coffee and cake ☺
never mind. an other and better (drill). i'll dismantle the rackety kitchen the next few days, and await the metamorphosis. luckily i'm on summer holidays break and i get tiny sleep inns. they do me good. 

hallesches haus, rest rooms
and also lucky, tomorrow is sunday and funday. i'll be going to an exhibition in ghent, and afterwards a tiny birthday party; a small family get together! i'll keep y'all posted on the renovation though. 

have a beautiful weekend and here is tiny berlin. thxs, patrice, barbara & ariane. ♥