we must never be apart

on the contrary

the relief to kill

i've been killing darlings all morning and i feel good. somewhere along the line i actually wrote a poem on killing darlings, but now i find myself right in the middle of it. the few people who in the past received a link to my poetry site, please refrain from reading on: no gibberish on your plate! i'm sifting through words and time backwards, and i'm revising every single poem. that means no poem will remain standing, all will be felled, or at least reconstructed. i've come to understand that it does take time and distance from your own work, to have {in this case} grammatical errors jump right at ya. i've been plain target! SUCH a relief to kill.  

corner view ≈ what to do in belgium

belgium is small, but doesn't deserve a one day visit alone. you need time to linger over the brussels grand'place, to let yourself be swooned by rené magritte, you cannot turn your head away for 1958's world exhibition atomium. swarming out from brussels, you will want to walk for miles in the belgian ardennes, or you'll sigh for the belgian north sea. museums are moderately good and getting better in belgium, so any of these will further wet your appetite. while cities show off their often preserved art nouveau features, natural belgian surroundings will have you swoon over slopes, hills and flatlands. it is almost shamingly true: belgium has it all. 
but wait, there's more! do not shy away from our chocolate, our brussels' waffles, our world celebrated westfleteren abbey beer, our french fries WITH mayonaise, and steak and mussels. {i never shy away, but i suspect i'm biased}. belgian cuisine.

to end this week's manifest there's one more curiosity to see: tricolore ik, moi, ich. galloping between brussels and ghent, i can be found in the middle and bid you welcome! jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, susanna's theme. i've rearranged belgium images on my flickr for today's cv, because images speak so much louder than words. through the buttons on your right you'll be able to chose whichever city / region you fancy: brussels, flanders, wallony, hometown {links are no longer there, i'm afraid. here's my whole flickr, just click away via sets}. enjoy! ♥

drawing | maria

i was looking for guimauve marias all morning yesterday, but {running up to saint nicholasnot one shop stocked them. i had a plan, a plan that failed through lack of marias. so i got myself a time out instead. {funnily enough, maria is also plural form to the lunar mare, or the dark regions on the moon. i could have done something lunatic !} patrice, in full admiration of all of the venetian marias around {yep-i-know-that-feeling}, on her blog this weekend. 

corner view ≈ evening

i read this book a long time ago. subsequently i saw the film. i cried to both. 
basically evening is a review of one woman's life in the latter part of it, hence evening. 
i'd love for miss minot to write another book. a little research learns me however she may prefer the life of a wanderer these days. good for her!
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 

drawing | health

mother has repetitive breakfasts, lunches, dinners and suppers year round. she makes jams, grows a tiny patch of vegetables, tends four chickens in the yard for eggs. she drinks coffee, no tea. every evening she munges on a few pieces of fruit. she doesn't drink much, she doesn't smoke. on saturdays and sundays she allows herself sweet treats. that's how mother kept up with her health, for eighty eigth years now. ask her, and she'll give you a different story. but i know: mother knows about health.

ariane came up with quite a fickle theme. i could never have guessed it'd lead me up the parental path... ☻

corner view ≈ lunch

i confess, today i'm winging it. although there've been lunches like these, walking, drinking and eating on the go. bon appétit! 
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 

the big {black} book{s} of life

the big black book haunts me, it has been giving me grief. all of the loose snips and smidgens inside have been talking right back, feasting their sorry selves on {unmistakable} urban language. in silent sighs i dare open the heaviest of them all. you know? sometimes all of this paraphernalia just weighs? down

so. can i ask? how do you get on with life's trivia, those nostalgic bits and bobs that squeeze ooh's and aah's from yourself and inmates, at the same time cluttering up an overall view? i'm curious to learn about your filing systems! 

corner view ≈ away

the best away is the moment you escape from your own mind, relax and be cool. a dream comes pretty close, and so do moments on pavements, in gardens, on trains. as opposed to the actual goings away, which usually involves packing, the small aways happen every day. a new season to corner view ≈ hello world! ♥ jane's corner view, francesca's hosting.