old 2015 blues here

i've not been writing. i've not been drawing. i've tried to do house things, rummage, clean, cook. neither of all that succeeded much. i'm missing snow. mosquitoes aren't dying. it's a topsy turvy world and for once i don't want to feel bad about climate change, if ever.

layers of gold...

... to be gazed at in places of worship...

aachen kunst & kitsch

tanïa pointed out to me the kunstautomaten (former cigarette vending machines) that will spew a small kunstschachtel for just 4 euros. the automat we pulled from hangs on a corner shop, in the vicinity of a few barber shops and hair saloons. so far, so good. 

aachen surprise

i could never have imagined, crossing the belgian border into the german city of aachen, i would encounter architecture that would make my heart beat so much faster. and it did. ♥

drawing | treshold {the dangers of being a master of none}

i've drawn the orangerie twice. one is half painted {and half messed up}, the other is getting the felt tips treatment and happily awaiting the finishing touches {i've run out of a pale, pale creme colour}.