aachen kunst & kitsch

tanïa pointed out to me the kunstautomaten (former cigarette vending machines) that will spew a small kunstschachtel for just 4 euros. the automat we pulled from hangs on a corner shop, in the vicinity of a few barber shops and hair saloons. so far, so good. 

i'd been cruising about the big windowed haarhaus a few times already, and i'd been shooting a few pics. directly opposite lies another barber shop, a tiny old fashioned one with in it a male type that for some reason reminded me of scrooge and dickens' christmas' tale. 

i had observed the supposedly herr richter~barber for a good reason, because the aging, lightly hunchbacked and bearded persona avidly hovered in his window, supposedly to draw in customers, each time i passed. he rather scared me off, to be honest. 

i managed to shoot an image of his window on the third morning i passed by, because it was sunday, and probably mister richter's day off. as tanïa and i pulled kunstschachteln from the atomat across the road, let me pull out a bearded man....

... in this weird richter semblance. couldn't believe my eyes. already this barber hanging about, then a mirroring art figurine pops out of a random art box! what else could i do but to leave behind the figurine in good company? 

coincidences happen for no other reason then to please us and to make us laugh... i may not have run into the highest {street} art on my aachen weekend, but some spots just popped! walk about fairytale aachen here. ☺


  1. that is no good: scaring customers off

  2. (... by the way, quite far away from Aachen, from my home Italy is closer)
    but who knows someday...
    x Stefanie

  3. mannequin heads are a little creepy, aren't they?

  4. The little art vending machines are wonderful. I haven't seen one here since 2003. I need to find one. I got the loveliest little piece of art from one.