drawing | treshold {the dangers of being a master of none}

i've drawn the orangerie twice. one is half painted {and half messed up}, the other is getting the felt tips treatment and happily awaiting the finishing touches {i've run out of a pale, pale creme colour}.

the orangerie is my first drawing of a total of 16 drawings to be part of aforementioned exhibition in the spring of 2016. it's the only one that will be finished in both paint and markers. my initial intention is to compare both effects and then decide. 
i enjoy the drawing more than back in 2014. the paper is smooth, the format bigger and the calm visiting me as i'm pulling lines fulfills me more. i'm easily won for the felt tips, especially since i seem to miss the patience for meticulous painting.. ☻
it is of course a welcome change from that print pulling phase of late, although i haven't quit designing flower heads. i seem to manoeuvre rapidly between disciplines to keep me interested, but i realize a jack of all trades is rarely a master of one.
so that's where i'm at, a jack/jane wanting to become a master, passing a threshold by focusing on one. that's a first for me: taking time, debating result, resolving and sticking to and working with that result.  

leaving flowers for summer and working with houses over wintertime, i'll keep the home fires burning☻. tammie's tresholds last weekend. i'm late posting, for having taken out a weekend in aachen, germany. pretty houses overload! more on that soon. ♥


  1. mastership, when do you ever reach that?
    I'd like to be a master in my trade, but it isn't easy.

  2. Beautiful drawings. Threshold---- it seems we are all the threshold of something.

  3. I´m so impressed - I wished I could do that myself!!!

  4. I think the threshold theme fits you. Wondering which Orangerie it was, I googled Brussel... It seems to me a nice place to draw. Looking forward to the final result.- eric

  5. There is so much detail in your drawings, it must take forever. Looking very good. I would like to learn more about perspective and portraying buildings. Wishing you a grand time as you world on your project.
    So glad you could join us!

  6. My mom swtiches between one project and another like you! I on the other hand have to finish before moving on to the next and I have a bad habit of staying up till wee hours in the morning.

  7. Love that pencil sketch at the end :)