old 2015 blues here

i've not been writing. i've not been drawing. i've tried to do house things, rummage, clean, cook. neither of all that succeeded much. i'm missing snow. mosquitoes aren't dying. it's a topsy turvy world and for once i don't want to feel bad about climate change, if ever.

i bought girly pink slippers tonight and had them gift wrapped. i'll be opening the parcel before long. i might snuggle up, pull the blanket tight and transport myself to bloomsbury, in the company of helene hanff, revisited. i might. 

these are weird times, aren't they? i find i'm thinking too much, worrying too often, dissecting it all and analyzing just about everything. it will not ever change, because this is me. usually i can live with that. lately it doesn't work out much. 

i miss my childhood. i miss childhood stuff. holidays in spain, falling in love with a french camper, having a bff, losing that bff, throwing tantrums, hop skipping shop. 'born to be alive', but not actually knowing what it means, yet. 


  1. Yep, dear…again you're writing my words! Melancholy is in the house, but isn't that just an effect of the season, of the year ending, a matter of age perhaps? I don't know, but that's life. Ups and downs and sweet memories. As long as such wonderful postings come out, it's alright. :-)

  2. my thoughts/thinking exactly right now.
    maybe it's the season, the end of the year....or just maybe.....

    Happy New Year bloggy friend. I wish you nothing more than the best for the new year,


  3. just throw yourself headfirst in to the New Year and see what comes.

  4. Happy new year to you, don`t stay - just go!!!

  5. Happy New Year, Nadine!
    What a nice post - words that come from the heart speak to one's heart. I have no path to suggest, no trite comfort words, but send you warm wishes that that ending "comma yet" may be the key to your 2016.

  6. dear, I am doing the same over here. too much, too much. but I understand, I simply have to, I must... so, taking this on, things did run a bit smoother lately. I have even managed a minibreak over new year. let's stay the brainy chicks and still enjoy life, once in a while. to a good one. 2016!