drawing | nude

on the train home i was considering the common slug, the one with no house on its back, the one called naked slug. somehow that vision psyched me. so i stuck to harmless novel rubbing on page 177 of iris murdoch's BRUNO'S DREAM, while listening {!} to a television program. patrice's DC theme nude this weekend. in case you are wondering about: kempsford gardens. .. & river update.

exponentially in love

i wish. 
the in love these days filled in by virtual mayhem. 
i may have said this before, 
and i do not expect you to remember that i did, 
but i am, 
in many respects, 
a slow learner. 

that suits me fine, 
but can you imagine the speed of lightning 
which has entered my home by joining 

not just by joining, of course, but 
firstly, foremostly by 
at first a little shy, 
then a tad stout, 
in the end reckless. 
sounds like falling in love, he? 

and falling 
in pinterest
i'm not complaining. 
remember : s l o w. 
come and play? 

corner view ≈ a year ago ~ five years ago...

i wasn't going to play. but subconscience is a funny thing. 
i stumbled upon five years ago, this morning ...

.... and was just a little curious, all of a sudden, about one year ago ...

and so i meet with cole's theme... i'll admit, i played it safe. 
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 
have a ball, today and always! n♥

drawing | coca cola

oh, what a day to be outside. {image # 1 below from older post, but appropriate for this weekend's DC challenge.} 

i collect images for my 2014 drawing project every few weeks. but lately that hasn't really happened. the few times i walk around, i see alot of striking views around me, not applicable to the project {update}. but never mind. there's your usual hovering as you scroll (unless on tablet, so sorry). and at the very end sits an accidental pacman, illustrating this weekend's DC theme. mission accomplished {albeit a free style participation}. over to rachel. enjoy the rest of the weekend! ♥ 

corner view ≈ {cyber} dinner party

i love sourdough bread. when i feel up to it, i make it myself. 
{i don't keep the bread mother for the next batch, because i don't bake often enough; i just start afresh every next time.} 
i'm using the USA COOKBOOK new deli rye bread here, 
because this tasty bread is my usual when i'm in england, and i crave it every so often. 
please feel free to have a go at it, it unleashes all sorts of energy, including unconstrained munching. 
you will find the basic (and easy!) recipe here, ready to be copied.
be quick before i'm having it all! 
cole's theme, jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 
okay. i'll throw in a few cake houses too, just for the occasion 
{standard yoghurt cake mix & cut apples}

drawing | upside down

how did she do it? and how come she isn't wearing any underwear? that's what i would like to know. mystery. and topsy-turvy. patrice's drawing challenge theme. update: i just noticed your entry, patrice. there was no peeking, whatsoever!... hee hee... & update.

corner view ≈ {vintage} collections

today's theme allows me to 
pry open the vintage boxes i keep under my studio table, 
the ones labeled 'for future reference'
i have a few ideas on how to make these trinkets work for me {see lola's head?}  
still hiding in cardboard nooks and crannies for now, 
they will all find their bearings. 
as for lola's head, i heard you. simply bear with... ☻ 
dana's theme, jane's corner view, francesca's hosting.