corner view ≈ {vintage} collections

today's theme allows me to 
pry open the vintage boxes i keep under my studio table, 
the ones labeled 'for future reference'
i have a few ideas on how to make these trinkets work for me {see lola's head?}  
still hiding in cardboard nooks and crannies for now, 
they will all find their bearings. 
as for lola's head, i heard you. simply bear with... ☻ 
dana's theme, jane's corner view, francesca's hosting.


  1. Wow... even in boxes, your beautiful collection makes me smile :)

  2. impressive your ~vintage~ collection!! looks like a lot of pleasure to have or to be creative with!

  3. YOU are the Queen of (vintage) collections, dear Nadeschda! Definitely!
    and love love your previous post with 50c-doll's pretty head (and rosebuds:)... oh sweet memory fills my heart with love.
    I am really impressed by your stamps at/with no limit (leuk shades of color!... and I have found a rose... of course) and affected by your built for the shower cell! Chapeau! Jack of all trades!

    Love to you,
    enjoy the sunshine, Dear
    xo Ariane xx

  4. i knew this theme would get you to show us your (vintage) treasures :)

  5. Mylady, you're flashing me! This is a collection, I could literally dive into and dream along...!!
    Remember Pippi Longstocking? You are what she called a "Sachensucherin", don't know the flemish word, not even the english, but it must be someting like "a things-seeker"...yes, that's what you are...!
    Me too, by the way. But that's totally another story! :-D

  6. That old worldglobe...incredible...and all those treasures....

  7. Wat een geweldige verzameling!!!

  8. Ooh, a collection I can lose myself in - such treasures! I love the fawns.

  9. what an impressive collection of interesting things ... and it looks very organized too :)

  10. such a treat to see into your hidden treasures!!
    each item seems so loved, even when tucked away they are alive and bursting with stories:)) I like the little leaning tower of pisa, so cute, its a light?! Happy treasure filled days to you ms.n♥

  11. You have a great collection of interesting vintages! Those are all beautiful.The box of Sakura brush cleaner in the last photo makes me smile!! I loved Sakura crayons when I was a little girl.
    Have a good day.

  12. esp. like the cow---we have a cow collection but ours has black and white cows. ( It was begun many years ago when my husband, then single, moved to the big city---it was to show that "you can take the man out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the man.")
    Cool, eclectic collection, Nadine. :>)

  13. omg! i'm coming over just to have a pile through these! xo have a good weekend young lady!

  14. That's so wonderfully beautiful I've just spent 20 minutes staring at the images Nadine! That leaning tower of Pisa night light is something I had a s a child and had to leave behind in Prague when my family escaped. I must have a good look for one on Ebay. :) This collection actually reminds me of one of my favourite people in the world, my friend Nick Bantock and his book The Egyptian Jukebox. He's built amazing collections in drawers.