drawing | no limits

i have a box filled with clear stamps, most of which haven't been used. up to today!

yeah, i set myself no limits and went overboard. guess what? it was {welcome} fun.

a mighty change from the last few days' work out. slowly, madly, deeply, a shower cell is being built. from scratch. why did i ever? i am convinced, though, patience will bloom. so will labour. also, here's river's this week update. you could say my days have been filled. 
zap that week, it's the weekend! you'll find a myriad of unlimited behaviour chez roberto


  1. Nadine this is a visual explosion without limits indeed. Just so perfect for the background of tinywoolf, I think anyway. Just simple fun is what this post is for me. I enjoy the idea of your building something you will enjoy. Nice to see you again! Norma, x

  2. What a great interpretation! It is fun. The first image reminds me of some of my spaces filled with my favorites which have been long left. Love to see the second image filled with treasures!!
    Thank you for inviting me to drawing challenge last time. Who is next?

  3. I was stuck (in a good sence) with the images that I see here :), all give me idea of ​​"limits" and "No limits"
    the image of the keys. it can mean closed doors (limits), or open (no limits)
    The following image gives me idea, about No limits... in diversity!
    And your shower cell, OK. go in there and you're locked in a small space ... but when you take a shower ... you feel satisfaction without limits.
    Superb! thanks for having fun with my proposal! :)

  4. Your print would make an excellent textile design - why don't you upload it to spoonflower for fun?!
    I LOVE the hydrangea..

    1. Ooh - and I just noticed your gorgeous header!!! :)

  5. This is unlimited stamping! Love your header.

  6. I agree with Joanne: it would make a wonderful design! And I love your new header as well. I can just feel the joy of unlimited stamping, great feeling that is!
    Wat zijn dat voor stempels? Ik herken ze helemal niet, zien er zo interessant uit ;-) Heel veel succes met verder renoveren, pfff wat een werk! Het za er zeker prachtig uit zien straks!

  7. hello,
    that page of stamps is gorgeous, so glad you gave yourself that fun. plus to use unused stamps might inspire further future fun.

    wow, that shower cell does look like work. I hope you share with us the steps or final shower. I someday would like to do mine, but have no idea as to how to go about it.

  8. Oh my god, I'm totally flashed by your stamp design!! That IS far beyond limits! When I read your first words I'd never expected SUCH a diversity of stamps! You're obviously the owner of a treasure box... ;-) I totally agree the others, your stamp-work is an amazing design to print on textiles or booklet covers!
    And then the shower...I'm impressed! All luck and energy to continue your house renovation! I'll come around and visit one day!! ;-)

  9. Nadine!!!
    big smile while looking at your stamps ;^)))))
    and seeing that shower-to-be
    you go girl, no limits!

    lovely header!!

    with both arms wide
    Patrice A.

  10. Thank you very much tiny Woolf!

  11. Wonderful collection of stamps and still I miss the head which was on the little envelope?! I really like the woolf cut out of the stamp ensemble and amazing what you did this weekend with your shower already. That makes me believe that indeen humans ability for creativiy and to master nearly everythng is unlimited. BRAVE gal wooohooo! Looks so good. Next time I'm staying at you place I'll having a shower, yihaa! Go, girl go!
    No limits for you my dear!
    hugs + love barbara bee

  12. my goodness, now you're turning into a plumber as well! you've become such a skilled builder (envy, envy) - you clearly deserved some stamp fun!

  13. Leuk je te ontmoeten tiny woolf. Zo te lezen en te zien heb je erg veel talenten. Ik zou nog graag eens even lekker de tijd willen gaan nemen om eens lekker te gaan zitten lezen hier op je blog. Er zijn echt geen limits aan de stempels die je hebt en je talent zal ik dus zo maar zeggen. Ik zal gauw terug komen ik weet nu waar je zit.

  14. Ha, you had a lot of fun. Great all those stamps, and that one, very special, flower in it. It must have feel good to do something that's less complicated than building a shower cell. Just sitting and putting your stamps on a paper. And that black/white keypicture is Art!

  15. I love how you always manage to just jump in with these drawing challenges Nadine! and they all look so polished- no limits to your enthusiasm my dear and its catchy! and the reno and houses on top of it!! I am cheering you on GO GO GO!!

  16. Nicely done Nadine! I love those stamps. Yesterday I was searching for more bookmark/business cards and came across a box full of stamps I completely forgot I had. One of these days I want to carve a stamp for myself. How card can it be after all? :) If you know who is hosting the next drawing challenge I'd love to take part. I almost never figure it out till too late. Much love. V

  17. Oh, and renos...ugh! Poor girl. Virtual hug straight to you.

  18. Love your stamp collection... to the point of envy. Where you can find those????And the stamping you did, it must have been fun!