corner view ≈ what makes me happy

in the morning doubting i'll ever make it. going through the motions. hasting to catch the early train. changing trains three times. three times, dear reader, to cover just eighty four kilometers of belgian soil. bright sun. we love! if temps don't reach above 24°C, we're cool. 

gazing up from my train window, at moderate skyscraping builds in brussels luxembourg and schuman quarters, i sense a sore neck. that's a bit of an ordeal. better stick to my drawing. as the train rocks, it is a relief i'm not one for straight lines. 

arriving at louvain-la-neuve, university city across the language border, a beautiful wide open sight at the edge of town fills in my crave for today. i'm getting it, every inch of it. however. 

here on a different mission. having come to hergé's museum in wallony for the day. following a francophone guide, i learn the world renowned hergé, cartoon dad to tintin, was yet another man i'd have loved meeting. 

after architectural space, nostalgia and lunch, i travel back home. i have a few more pics of the day here. 

four trains, only one of 'em canceled. there's a saying here in belgium : catching a train, you're sure to ride for your money's worth. ☻

now there's what can make me happy: chronology and going full circles. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, kristin's theme. 


  1. i do wonder why in such a flat country, you can't have better train connections. we have mountain ranges crisscrossing our thin and long country, and so (the railroad engineer in me says) it's a bit of an ordeal to get around by train here.
    now, isn't this a profound comment? :)

  2. Love, love, LOVE it!
    You make me happy, dear Nadeschda.
    And you are in your element yourself, too, when you travel, right? It is maybe the air sign that works ;-)

    xo Ariane.

  3. I think it was worth the changing of trains, no? But really...not so efficient is it?

  4. What a fun museum! I used to love Tintin!

  5. Thompson and Thompson ;)
    I love all your moving around photos- you really have a knack for a good
    travel shot!
    And what a treat visit to that museum on such a lovely day- thanks!

  6. love riding by train,though now I know to be careful in Belgium! The architechture in Europe is certainly changing! Love the mix of old and new!

  7. That's a day that would make me happy!

  8. I remember of Tintin museum...
    It's been almost six years since I went to Belgium .... I have to take a train to go back!

  9. You made me happy, too. I like to travel by train and enjoy the views out of the window.

    Thanks for joining my blog. I made a bookmark to this blog.


  10. ok can't believe that was really a first for you!!!! i mean, really???? but it's o.k. - now you've done it!

    and re: the library - well that is amazing! and a very sweet story. oh we should chat or exchange emails but in about 2 weeks? it's madness here. xo

  11. a happy journey!! beautiful photos and drawings from your story, and I can feel how all of the creative twists and turns also become part of your ..woolf-ian (woolf-esque?) bliss!
    Your happiness source seems so nourished by travel, drawing, documenting, and sharing. Wow! True artist you:))♡

  12. Love focusing on architecture! The US has so little of it scattered randomly around. Not like Europe, sadly.

  13. Trains, museums, greenery, drawing... Well done.

  14. Yes, yes, yes....recognise!! Have been there, too!
    Next time we go together.
    Well, if not there, then at least somewhere.
    'kay? ;-)

  15. Hi, again!
    Wow, there is so much happiness in your post! I like trains rather than driving my my car. I have to tell you that all of your photos are wonderful ,especially the sixth is my favorite.

  16. Interesting concept : circles of happiness :)

  17. A little bit late but know i see the big picture of tin-tin and i understand it. Pff, sometimes it takes more time... Still, i'm loving all those lines, it really makes me so happy!!!!

  18. Gorgeous post Nadine. As always - how wonderful to take a day-trip like that. Just for you. To see a place with links to things you love. To just be. Wow :-)

  19. Hi, Nadine, I am the next host at the Drawing Challenge, do you want to play?? :)

  20. you got some really nice photos in the museum :)

  21. You are making me crave an entirely new landscape.