the cook said & the darling buds of may

the cook said, he had an accident with his {chicken & raspberry vinegar} quiche, so he had himself made emergency {spinach & pork, and apple & asparagus} quiches, which were offered bite size at the hôpital nôtre dame à la rose museum in lessines. and tasted delicious.

unlike disastrous attempts in the yours truly kitchen just last week, as egg, and especially pastry, kept on being produced of the blackened variety. 

at the very moment bloggers patrice, ariane and bee visit! stress came down in buckets, like the rain pouring from the skies. thxs for your amazing company, girls! just a few bobs here, but will get back to you and am hoping for your elaborate photographic impressions, naturally. ♥ also, river update.
a tiny panoply of last weekend's follies; handmade gifts by patrice {black and white letterpress}, 
handmade gifts by barbara {a wolf decoupaged notebook, pencil and pouch not shown here}, 
and roses scattered from a vintage tea cup + a handmade beaded green ring, {worn here as a bracelet - left hand corner} by rose
some of the may buds are roses. there's birds, in different places, and a dear wolf. these darling buds of may {originally a much beloved h.e. bates' novel} represent patrice, ariane and barbara coming down to brussels to see michael borremans {exhibition still on until august 2014}. 

the artist says, don't read too much into it, and i'd like to add, do read a lot into meeting up with international blog connexions, because the rencontre would not happen if the blog wasn't the cement, rose scented sentiment. in danger of getting ridiculously soppy, i allow myself a cordial, on a week day morning filled with fond memory. thank you, darling buds of may! ♥ you can slide the show here. ...


  1. Ja,ja the cook, the quiche and a WHO CARES WHEN YOU ARE. A L O N E in the kitchen I might say.
    But those are the moments we wont forget, when the quiche moon is in the mood for trouble.
    I hope also for lot more pics.
    Thanks again and have a nice and relaxed evening.

  2. ;^))
    sorry i missed that quiche

    big hug
    with both arms wide

    1. ;^))))
      wishing i was there with you all
      thank you for that last picture!!

  3. sounds like you had a NICE weekend! xo!

  4. I am really touched, dearest Nadeschda. Lekker fotos, mooi!
    Darling buds of May... wow, I feel honored, in many ways, Dear. Thank you so much for your hospitality. I felt at home, in your house, as in your blog here. Yes, authenticity...
    Dank je wel, zielsveel.

    xo Ariane.

  5. i'll be making zucchini quiche today, though I wish i were strolling through your brocantes!