december magic

for decades i have had the intention to indulge in an advent calendar 'cos i love the idea of having a full month of concentrated fun. always {too} late i am though. so i decided to make a small something a day and have a x-mas garland ready by the end of december. 

kick starter is my box with unfinished goodies, mainly paper projects. i'll show off here a tiny project a day and will be counting down, or upwards, to december 31st. soooo... humour me, and come find me, starting december 1st. ☺

corner view ≈ {one} colour

the colour{s} of winter to come. i'm in the mood. and couldn't stick to just one colour...
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, heather's theme

drawing | rara avis

a rare bird, in flemish called rare vogel, truly is a common enough expression with us. i remember it best used when we were in our teens. about anything and anyone around us back then were rare vogels

funnily enough pinterest research on the subject {yes, i did need inspiration} comes up with iris apfel. having been born from a glass-mirror manufacturer dad & a fashion design business mum, miss iris became an uncommon style icon, founding a.o. old world weavers. i am getting side-tracked, however. {lady in image, deffo not miss iris, but she might've liked her.}

now. anything uncommon makes my day. {little did i know when i was a child}. thxs to cerulean's exciting theme this weekend though, i now found myself a few more inspiring pinterest pages. so, thank you, eric. 

i started out this morning, sketching my jacket, making it longer. 
tonight i cut, clipped and glued magazine words to a dreamy winter's coat. 
the tiny snippets collaging woke me up again, on this slow, late evening. 
i'd LIVE in this coat. i would. 
even if it is a rara avis. ...
back in the shower tomorrow, for what looks like the finishing top row. ... 
enjoy the weekend. 

corner view ≈ one song

my one song today will be different from my one song tomorrow. if we're talking music i could easily fill up a few tapes with one songs. did i just write tapes? woe-hee. i'm officially old fashioned. this song though, i played grooveless on my portable record player as the backgrounds tune to my first ever falling-in-love & soon-to-follow-deepest-heart-ache. i was 13. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, ibabe's theme. ps - tomorrow's song; day after tomorrow's song.... tee hee... ☻ pps - hover that image..

drawing | folds

i was train riding into cartoon classes early this morning, ackowledging i am running behind on short term tasks such as DC and 
my routine of drawing a house a day. yet again. here's culprit numero 1

as soon as i got home from class, i managed to lay a first bottom row of mosaic. 
it only took me three hours, which held me away from aforementioned tasks, naturally. 

the folds are hardly noticeable, i agree, but i did enjoy line dotting those blue flowers. 

more shower work tomorrow, i'm afraid. well, there's just one way of finishing a job and that is to get on with it. 
in the meantime, in the fold, chez carole this weekend! ♥

corner view ≈ what do i do ...

... when i'm alone at home. i am a lover of ... being alone.

i seem to be in constant solitary need of processing the day, before it starts even. my best partner is solitude. 
oh, i do get lonely, weary, sad, shockingly sulky even, for being alone. 

to balance the equation i go out often. in catching glimpses of the 'other' life, i consolidate the tids and bits of my day to the randomness of everyday, and to the meaning of being at all. 

naturally, besides all that solitary claptrap, i also still muddle on in that shower of ours, 
growing into that nail in my coffin, tile by friggin' tile... 

... the good news being that as i'm buzzing this, i am NOT alone : i got y'all! hel-lo
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, ibabe's theme.

drawing | colours, dedicated to ariane, queen of the eisenbach

a dedication to our host ariane {who's unexpected absence is being assured by barbara}, introducing colour in this weekend's drawing challenge theme. what was our sweet queen of the eisenbach to know she would be facing the cruel, blazing colours of real fire... i am left speechless, for all the hard work you've put into your freshly installed home, ariane... the irony is almost killing me. please accept this small home for now, with pink details, especially for you. x courage, mon amie. ♥ & river update

corner view ≈ one book

evenings in the office can be enthralling, with light pouring in in the opposite office windows like that. 
holding on to just one book though, it is a nigh on impossible task. i find molly wizenberg lying on the kitchen table lately, flanked by the few m.f.k. fishers in my possession. i kind of like books that need careful attentiveness, and stand repetition like seconds for afters. miss molly's blog is just as appetizing. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, ibabe's theme.

drawing | underwear

barbara suggested underwear for buildings, as i was talking about my river project that needs yet another catch-up {weeks are too short!}. i regularly encounter houses that desperately need dressing up, having falling prone to a change of mind on the owners' part.
this house here has been sitting in the nude for years now. in abandon, it almost becomes beautiful again, in its bare aerated concrete roughness. underwear for stefanie this weekend. river update