data on the wall{s} ☻

brussels' marollen wall graffiti
have you noticed to what extent 'free' providers, such as facebook and instagram, have evolved to services at a pricetag called aggravation? granted they are free, and me too, i've loved using them. 

brussels' marollen wall graffiti
and it doesn't pay off ignoring and enduring the apparant necessity of ads either. by turning to the computer rather than my phone, i've been able to bypass some. i'm sure you know the ways yourselves. 

brussels' marollen wall graffiti
but what throws me most is FB's (and therefore IG's) algorithm picking order. i have 'lost' too many favourites in a computing system which serves the supplier, not the user. and if i don't consume, i am nothing. 

brussels' marollen wall graffiti
that's the long and short of it. i've been researching ways around it, but it's like fighting the devil. on growing an artful business, i have to admit my timing sucks and i find myself right at the heart of blatant commerce. 

brussels' marollen wall graffiti
it isn't really new, but holding the user's freedom to views on a leash and eliminating his/her ability to choose pushes us into that big brother mode we never, not ever favoured. we have now become absolute data. ☻

i am wishing you a beautiful week ahead, nonetheless. ♥

back to shameless normalcy. er?

today's excellent clouds party
everything back to normal. except. i miss my daily project, my routine, my go-to, my ritual. i wonder if i should again start up some sort of practice, so that i'm staying in it, rather than left, right, next or out of it. 

a dream
back to normal means, going places, walking, talking, eating, drinking, dreaming, thinking (up new brilliant ideas) and sharing all of those thoughts with whomever is digging exactly that scene. 

shamelessly gobbling down excellent desserts

i believe in cherishing what you need and love. therefore you need to nurture yourself and your art with kindred souls. and the world out there is often not so kindred as to nourish you with what you need.

saturday morning ritual

a lot of what i see happen around me on the internet, the encouraging, the making, the feed back; it all happened because of attention to details, and belief in what you can do when you focus. 

shamelessly reproducing an ad

what is normal, you may wonder. i don't know. normal is what you know, i guess. and all of what you don't know is to be explored. why not? why ever not? so, do already. make already. believe already.

veggies of last week

i honestly do not know where that came from, but it's a shiny road ahead, and who knows what is behind that next corner over there. i think i'll just go and have a look see. 

enjoy the weekend! have a loving week ahead. ♥

· · · · · · W E ' R E · · · · · · O P E N · · · · · ·

my very compact and mobile shop P&P station
feeling so, so elated and on a confident track! i've enjoyed my etsy shop preps over the past few months and am finally reopening! you'll be glad to hear there's more up my sleeve than cards and tiny booklets though. 
working out new ideas

two years of 365-projects have delivered a sizable portfolio. i've long wanted to create surface pattern design and am finally looking into that. i'm thinking themed wrapping paper and posters. more on that later.  

my shop stock at the minute
for now it is shop reopening party indeed. from october 15th through to the end of the month you will receive a tiny litle extra in each order, something i folded myself. especially for you.
enjoy your weekend and look forward to an exciting week, yeah? ♥

doil{il}y & shop news

my etsy banner, most probably. could change last minute
we're moving closer. every day counts. the buzz is peaceable as it has been, and i enjoy every necessary prep step towards reopening. almost rolling out the carpet for you's and fresh room to browse pretty, pretty soon! 

postcards in shop next weekend
in the meantime i ordered 'doilily' designs at moo's so i'll be offering brand new postcards to start this adventure. they've actually just gotten in and they look the part. hey-hoh to that!

inktober 2017
as you may have noticed i let myself slip into INKTOBER2017. that wasn't planned, but i did fancy ink drawing again. i sometimes feel the urge to colour in, but i restrain from it. different quality, that!

i got lost, hope to bring this one back... ☻
charcoal still huge in the academy, it may be so for a while still. i'm getting used to the material, i find out about its versatile effects and staying in a drawing longer is exhilarating. learning curve{s}! 

side step to brussels' atomium. sometimes all a girl needs is a beautiful {belgian!} vista
righto. must dash now, because life is full of surprises and the work doesn't get done under idle hands. yes, i live in riddles these days. it's the autumn coming. it's the autumn arrived.

soon, christmas! first, shop opening: next sunday, october 15th. ☺
enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a pleasant week ahead. ♥

magical mystery chore

i've been trying on some magic. trying to add some sparkle, to the otherwise straight forward task of cutting tiny booklets. see, i like function to what i make, so the magic, it needs to work.  

it sounds funny, but it ties it all in. thinking up an effective theme prooved to be a chore. vintage paper strips, a booklet stanza that holds up, lose words, poetry..... would it work any? 

christina rossetti is the kick off poet i will bring to you, in an accordeon booklet. at the very treshold of a new and darker season, she may very well be the one whispering of wind and rain... 

so all those nightly waking hours, countless scribbles on counters, coffees and teas, and portions of cake, paid off and finally got me to the stage of being satisfied again.

my tiny booklets' stories are short, so short. and some are blank even. in a fortnight they will sit snug in my shop, till you pick 'em up. ☺ 

'last chance harveys' to all amongst you who didn't enter the giveaway yet. you have exactement 6H00M left to leave word. midnight will bang the gong and tomorrow i'll update this post. 

UPDATE 02/10. THANK YOU all for playing! fate and my hand decided who'd be getting a tinyWOOLF package. congratulations, Ingrid. i'll be in touch! not long now before my etsy shop reopens!! ♥ 

goodie. enjoy another week at the mills. i'm late posting, durr. ♥