corner view ≈ joy {renov # 24}

when one has been waiting 

on a leveled downstairs floor for almost one calendar year ...

... the  
feeling of j*o°y
when the floor levels, 
quite frankly, 
is an understatement. 

that's right! all that remains of the blue and red highway are the bits stuck up... ☻this week's theme chosen by karyn on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca

making the possible impossible {renov # 23}

warning : this is one long post

oh, you guys rock! i'm taking all of your sweet comments in account and now simply must tell you a story. taking a deep breath : did i really say, december, 1 st, on that other business? i did, didn't i?

i have hardly had any time to visit anyone's blog the way i want to, in a rummaging kind of way. i'm admitting, this is not a good thing. not visiting youse makes my inspiration dwindle to ever smaller circles and that is simply not good. after today's débâcle on the renovation front, a rather harrowing experience, of which i will NOT put youse in the picture, my nerve cracked a little, and i needed to do something. 

tinyWOOLF howled, and that's it. she's decided to keep herself on hold. she simply won't perform on december, 1st.

i think it all started with the above. i took the serious comedy happily for granted, both laura linney and philip seymour hoffman in one movie. that is quite simply wow!

♦ ♦ ♦

back to life, back to reality. let's just say a sewer is involved. and let's note that nobody does warn anybody when 'stuff' is going to hit the fan. i mean, my son witnessed the happening, my builder got a call, and now the emergency is subsided till monday. good. solution is at hand.

but things like this (forgive me for not going into further details) do make a girl wonder, when she's trying to relax. what i was scheming and dreaming about is now half way there, that is the good news. desperate times though, call for desperate measures.

♦ ♦ ♦

notice the red and blue highway
tomorrow, gone forever
the kitchen is fully plastered, the downstairs central heating radiators are up, we are clearing out the three rooms, as we speak, because builder man, besides groping in that sewer, will concrete over on monday. which is the best thing! the other thing is yours truely has a load of near future renov jobs ahead.

thus the news is devestating for tinyWOOLF : i won't even be able to enter the house on tuesday night. in last minute tweaking a tiny business; those finis minutes, days and nights are crucial. {shyly, tinyWOOLF is advocating for january, 1st, 2012. and if at all necessary, even later than that! ☻}

on the other hand though, i am SO relieved to look forward to a happy, peaceful month of december instead. a month of renovation activity, of sitting down to a chat at night, of scouring the internet after youse blogosphere creativity, of quietly getting tinyWOOLF back on mindful track and, last but not least, regular blogging. that's what i mean : i need me more time to be with youse all, is all. ♥

all of the above wolfy illustrations
by alena benešová
illustrations by karel franta
♦ ♦ ♦ 

so now. it's back to the savages. i think the trailer just clarified i need to watch it again. true, last time i did distract my mind as i was cutting circles, crocheting a few hearts and gobbling down my supper while watching. i might just go about it in a relax way this time. i hope dear reader, you will be forgiving tinyWOOLF. she will most certainly keep you posted, and she loves you very much.

drawing | curve

un vrai doodle, this week! i had another plan, but it ended up vertically. i came back to my simonetta, the handbook i am dressing up now and then. funnily enough there's a thought evoking title to the original page : het leven is mooi, or, life is beautiful. which it is. ♥  {and also many other things.}

soon tinyWOOLF will be howling. running up to the opening date (woolf still focuses on december, 1st, does she ever!), i seem to be cutting corners on every corner in my daily life, the bending way. i am looking forward to all of your curving though. ariane, patrice, demie, renilde, rachel, ...

please, may the next challenger speak up. who's got a theme? please tell us, or tell ariane, she's courageously, sweetly so, keeping track. enjoy the weekend, i know i will. and keep those eyes peeled. december, 1st. whoopee!

drawing challenge NEW THEME : curve

the best thing about being late with last week's drawing theme is i can now kill two birds with one stone. ahem. here's bird lucky who came back home after the weekend. its realisation cheered me right up though, all through a few days of commuting. the student next to me this morning looked puzzled, but i smiled right back at him.

found here
now, about next week's theme? ariane was wondering, and so was i. and i got thinking about the vitruvian man. and about his delicious curves, aka as love handles? ☻ even if the name doesn't ring a bell, you'll know above image by the looks of it, realizing leonardo da vinci is the genius behind it. what i find most fascinating about the vetruvian man is the circle-in-the-square feature. to be more precise, the curve of a circle, in a square. a juxtaposition, if ever one.

so there. this week's theme : curve. if you like to play, please leave us a comment below. thank you, and let's bend it. unlike beckham. ♥

curvers : ariane, patrice, demie, renilde, rachel, ...

corner view ≈ a different corner, in amsterdam

'i ♥ corners'.

new york, fuller building, 1903
after the new york flat iron building,

london hampstead corner building
london hampstead's {most likely unintentional} 'replica', i found me a new favourite corner, last weekend in amsterdam. i am almost inclined to start a serial corner collection.

amsterdam corner building
but naaaaah... i don't think so. in the end, 

amsterdam corner shop
the surprise of finding a truely amazing corner {house} is just so much better than trying for one.... linking to jane's corner view, hosted by francesca. more amsterdam here.

drawing | (this) lucky bird (has flown)

running out of time
in continuation of last week's corner view theme, i have completely run out of time on all possible fronts. 

paper strip soup
my lucky bird is stuck midway and is not going to fly anytime soon, i am so sorry. it's not like me to run out of time, but all the organizing in the world couldn't deliver.

washing the vintage type
instead of grieving, i'll be in amsterdam. it's the best consolation prize, really. and to keep you posted in that other unceasing department : the kitchen is now (bare but) plastered w·h·i·t·e. glory!

corner view ≈ where has the time gone?

brussels - kruidtuin/botanique
an open query. when one starts leafing through photo albums {really old ones, because do you find you just don't glue photographic mementoes into albums anymore? i mean glueing for projects, try and stop me! but family memories? they all seem to reside.... online. what if the online bank breaks? in half? in two? in a million pieces?}

brussels - kunstberg/mont des arts
time flies, leaks, seeps through seams. blurs, fades, dims. which i don't necessarily find a cruel thing either. imagine, if time didn't do all of the above? we mightn't age, but, really. would you like to stay forever young, weary, uncertain, small? bar the advert part of below video, here's a cute take on 'good times'... enjoy ♥

where has the time gone? by theresa on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.

vintage finds | the rose and the ring

it is not every day 
you find a vintage
william makepeace thackeray 
in the thriftshop. 
[at least, not i.]
♦ ♦

my little discovery had me hooked on the outer appearance first. quite soon though i found my head buried in the inside fairytale story : arriving one minute late for a train in an alienated little railway station, where trains run one an hour, could have been an harrowing experience, if not for the darling company of prince giglio and bulbo.

of course a hazy autumn sun did help. now, we may be familar with the gist of the famous author of a.o. vanity fair, through literature or the big screen. this little gem THE ROSE AND THE RING delivers just as much clever farce for [appreciatively quoting the editor here]  "... big and small children". the valuable dutch translation catching me unawares, same goes for the beaming illustrations by the hand of wj rozendaal. i always very much like sardonic black and white cartooning to a surprisingly fresh fairytale.

♦ ♦ 

and thus, an historic tragedy, 
right up my street, 
and i take it, you won't hear from me 
till somewhere next week.
[at least, i don't think]
♦ ♦ 

better turn back to my cuttings now. 

drawing | outer space

this is how it (sometimes) goes when one creates. one makes associations. well, you needn't create to make associations, i'm just saying. then you hear a song surface, erm, from your subconscience. it happens to be 'i will survive', because survive i will. i mean, we will. we all want to, until we don't, but that's a different story. now. as i'm humming the words, i realize gloria g. is actually singing 'bout outer space, which coincidentially, reflects this week's gnarling drawing theme. okay.

♦ ♦ ♦

now to draw something outer spacey, while i'm elbow deep in paper cuttings and the lot.... nothing outer spacey about that, or else everything. nonetheless. i let you be the judge of this sweet little outer spacey gloria g. persiflage, whilest i further draw upon a few gods to help me out.

{above video kindly brought to my attention by maggie. ♥}

being a rather classical kinda gal {where gods are concerned} i'm gonna need me some help too. from outer space. heavens above! but... huh-ho...

how do you feel outer space, via rachel?

corner view ≈ home sweet home

let's try this. home sweat home, for manyfold reasons. the sweet will come in one day, and that day will be unique and fine. for now, i'm passing the bucket, for renovational reasons. won't get into that.

let's try another. home sneak home. for woolf's lower ego tinyWOOLF is sweating away in da home, to get an acceptable kit together, aka act. the little grey cells are working overtime, in a non-poirot fashion. no mystery resolve perhaps, but plain hard grafting all the more, nightmares too (one crochet flower swam in a murky substance of unknown origin, just now, before awakening). whilest doing all of the above, seizing slivers of a-ha-erlebniss from the crackling air.

oh, i have a dream {wait a minute, that was last week's theme!}. seemingly, themes do tend to wanna hang out with one another. thus, in vivid anticipation and trampling impatience, sprinkled with occasional procrastination on the creator's part, tinyWOOLF's offering a tiny home sneak home. {december 1st. a date to save, folks.}
this week's 'home sweet home' theme coming from bonnie, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca

vintage finds | in a mister deery kinda mood

without needing to scroll through a little vintage-finds-archive, i enter him in the flea-market-find-of-the-year draw, for obvious reasons : he's been cute and quiet. let's hear it for the boy, he's the greatest shadow model! but, shhhhh, he's started his winter wonder beauty sleep, in his wrap up card board box. and when he will be done sleeping, he is going to be the greatest pop up artist, ever. thank you for witnessing. ☻ find full {retro} post here.

corner view ≈ dream

the scheldt / l'escaut in tournai
the river scheldt / l'escaut runs diagonally, from south to north, through our country. the river springs in france and enters belgium, near the walloon city of tournai.

a river and its banks often proofs to be a place to dream away by.

rue de la wallonie - piano bar
i. and me live our own little dream, along the river bank,

restaurant giverny - quai du marché au poisson
as we encounter giverny from the bridge over l'escaut,

restaurant giverny - interior
and decide, on the spot, we will come back here, in almost giverny. 

antwerp - groenplaats
well, since this summer is just not ending, we've made the best of the past few days and dreamed away some more, inside --

oude graanmarkt hen
and out, -- under an adamant blue sky.  

and since the river scheldt ends up being the recurrent stream in our adventures, bell and i hop off at antwerp. 

optician's shop window - lange koepoortstraat
living another little dream, that of carefree wandering, not feeling like we are having a care in the world, actually...  there really is more antwerp for you, so you can build on your own little dream.. ♥
this week's theme by tzivia ♥, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca