zarlardinge art route. one fine sunday a few weekends ago
everybody's talking at me. not really. the song pops up in my head as i feel like writing a blogpost tonight. it was that kind of autumn day: soft, still, warm, blue, sunny. i mean, what more, right? 

AC | tide {and did you know about my new 365?}

maths as a science is fascinating. i love proclaimed formulae and extensive mathematical deductions, purely for their rhythmic properties. tide immediately reminds me of nagakawa's great wave. i granted that masterpiece a numerical twist in ariane's AC.

the 365 project with no name

one sunday i took a round trip to never get off that train. POURING down it was! 
 so i was thinking, why not kick start another 365 days project? i'm kind of craving for one. like before, i'd love to couple the factual to the functional. in other words i'm linking the subject of drawing to a point of general interest. let's put it this way: it is my aim. 

warming up

· as i'm doing no courses of pertinence this fall, i've been brewing upon a new recurrent project, besides the houses work and the tiny booklet foldingletting myself be inspired by the everyday, i feel like drawing and painting random subjects.

welcome autumn

porcelain bird with moss and on ariane's vintage scarf
trying for a new thread in my blog has kept me awake some, the past couple of days. there is something brewing, although of course, the start of yet another {much favoured} autumn season could have a hand in my fickle yet manageable restlessness. 

on comments

· do you find you {heart} an instagram image, next like it on facebook to then send the author a comment on a probable blogpost? it's silly in a way, isn't it? i think i want to send the message out into the universe, that perhaps blog comments as such are over. to me anyway. 

walking through light

once upon a time, artists painted from life scenes only. a model sat, or the artist stayed in a field, day after day, to get colour and composition right. so, when i walked into PAINTING WITH LIGHT, i expected quite something else. i expected, well, painted light.