the 365 project with no name

one sunday i took a round trip to never get off that train. POURING down it was! 
 so i was thinking, why not kick start another 365 days project? i'm kind of craving for one. like before, i'd love to couple the factual to the functional. in other words i'm linking the subject of drawing to a point of general interest. let's put it this way: it is my aim. 

two turtle doves are forever gaming in our back yard. ♥ them! 
quite different to my 2014 houses project where it was all about houses in my area, i'll spread my wings, feel a little more altruistic and pull in some history notes. our everyday reality relies amongst other things on historical facts, so that works for me. 

legendary fireworks that went off 3/4 hour late so i stood right underneath it walking home... 
i do not wish to ignore the gentle tug of curiosity. i'm not a punctual news reader, but i'll prick up my ears for a good sideline story... at random : 1. the first ever microbiologist's name {he was dutch, his name was antonie van leeuwenhoek} will ring in my ear for hours. 

okay. this is the view i had every·single·day from the school i went to in the seventies. ♥
 2. i'll find the fact that the beatles' A DAY IN THE LIFE never really kicked it to number one almost distressfully sad. or 3. i'll cry buckets full over emily dickinson's misfortunes in life, painstakingly beautiful sung by david sylvian {improv video made by fan}.

happy constitution day to the americas and have an apple dumpling already. ☺
 so. it is born, the new baby. it'll have no name, i think, but it'll pop up every day, on IG and facebook. i'm thinking, it is now or never. and i am not ready for never. so here goes. and may you feel very welcome indeed. oh. and OF COURSE i blog on RIGHT here too. ♥

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