drawing | abundance {calm part II}

i've been rummaging through my studio contents abundantly, to the point i've probably thrown out too much stuff, and i'll be sorry for it. it is however that kind of mood / mode i've been in. unearthing new abundance by getting rid of the dregs. 

drawing | calm part I

back to the drawing board. or rather, back on {train} board. i've been sketching the life out of me for sweet love-in-a-mist, trying out different angles, finally coming up with a design that satisfies me enough to work out on a soft cut.  

DC | a deer {under blood red skies}

in loving memory of victims of terrorism. whether paris, sinaï, beirut, baghdad, bujumbura, madrid, london, new york; 
syria, russia, US, france, northern ireland, norway, ... 
the world. 
ALL of us. 

i got carried away while printing, before the mouldy gelli plate kicked the bucket. more on reasons to be cheerful, next week.
tammie's linky DC here

drawing | liminal

my temporary fulltime occupation points out to me perhaps the most valuable lesson in life so far: time = money. 

in which it's all about houses indeed

i didn't get to buy lino blocks in the shop last weekend. all the more time to adress exhibition preps. 
i got going early sunday morning and chose to draw again the orangerie, a suburban beauty next a fishing pond in the borough of viane.