drawing | calm part I

back to the drawing board. or rather, back on {train} board. i've been sketching the life out of me for sweet love-in-a-mist, trying out different angles, finally coming up with a design that satisfies me enough to work out on a soft cut.  

having first experimented with the rather classic representation of love-in-a-mist, i was looking for a looser reproduction and perhaps a different composition or some sort of a repeat even. i tried to envisage what the print could look like.  
and since i have no studio days to speak of, i did all the thinking, the penciling, the drawing, the erasing, the cursing (...) on the rocky commute of too-early-in-the-morning and rather-late-at-night. no fuss, however. flow stops at nothing.

so glad as well to resolve this hectic week in relative calm. each morning i sit around in the dark for just a few minutes before leaving the house. would you know the calming effect it has on me! familiar surroundings, yet blind to the touch. ☻ veronica's calm gathering DC.  


  1. Oh yes! Art at the times of disturbance. I love it and it's only natural for us to resort to art at the "I'm up way too early" and "I should be in bed already". I so get that. <3 Please tell me there's a part 2. Can't wait. Big hugs woolfie girl.

  2. nice progression! looks like fun. although i know it's work, too. how do you say love-in-a-mist is flemish?

  3. no i meant love in a mist IN flemish!

  4. This progression is really cool. Are you making it into a print? I hope you'll show us!! Something I love about your photos - the background of the previous pages showing through a little bit. Looks like you designed it that way... xoxo Silke

  5. love in a mist is an intricate flower to sketch and your sketches are lovely.
    i love that there are so many ways to find calm. art, a familiar place, being with loved ones and on and on it goes.
    I so enjoyed seeing your drawings.

  6. I find calm through your drawings, dear Nadeschda. Imagine, how you've done it.
    Looking forward to part II :-)
    Ariane. Rose

  7. The're cool, calm and collected! Love them. - eric

  8. I like the early morning hours too...when nobody is up yet...
    Then I change my kitchen into Chaosworld and create.
    I love those flowers especially the arrangment of the last picture.
    P.S.: Sachertorte is always a good idea!!!

  9. These are so inspiring. Nice and airy and light hearted feeling. Makes me want to grab my pencil.

  10. i sit around in the dark... love that
    black and white is calming
    x Stefanie

  11. ik was hier al eerder met een dikke glimlach op mijn gezicht
    maar pas nu de tijd genomen te reageren
    weet je, deze periode is het project waar de leerlingen aan werken het interieur van een winkel
    en omdat ik (nog steeds) geen voorbeelden heb maak ik de opdrachten nu ook
    jouw tekeningen zouden zo terecht kunnen in die winkel van mij, want
    ik heb daarin een drukwerkplaats getekend, voor het bedrukken van stof en papier
    waaronder behang! goed idee, niet ;^)))
    dag lieve Nadine, ergens krijgen we weer meer tijd toch? om te mailen en praten

  12. Hi Nadine,
    so nice to look at all your cute little drawings and how you develope the final stencil with it. And Love in the mist sounds so much better than "Jungfer im Grünen" - big smile here.
    Yes and finding time to wind down the silence of the early morning or sitting in the dark is calming and we often don't do it enough. Also looking at the night sky so there are stars to see is also a good way of sort of sitting in the dark and realizing that we only a tiny part of a so much greater universe.
    barbara beetje

  13. my early morning moments alone are busy - make coffee, start a fire, get breakfast ready, but there's something calming in moving around in a house that still asleep (through, really, I wouldn't mind to find coffee ready for me when I wake up!:))

  14. Nice drawings with small poems in between.

  15. Love seeing the creative process! Have a great week!

  16. Love those! Several of the flowers would be good embroidery templates.

    p.s. Posted another cat today :-)