drawing | liminal

my temporary fulltime occupation points out to me perhaps the most valuable lesson in life so far: time = money. 

when i'm at work, i want to make. when i make, i sometimes worry about pulling my weight at work. 

how lucky am i though, to presently work and experiment in that whole wide field of opportunity.... 

... while here on the blog i'm finding my nerve to prepare and live my craftswoman's life... 

if for now liminal, then soon. oh soon! ☺ this weekend: veronica's DC.
{images shown have been shot both in electrical and early morning daylight, therefore varying some in colour tones. do hover!} 


  1. I feel it Nadine! That liminal space where you can just about touch the reality of living the life of dreams, making a living from art. If not now then when? I keep asking myself. Therefore, now is the time I will approach places for exposition, advertising, doing more, making more. Yes, time to step over the threshold. I love that we're both trying to achieve a similar thing. Keeps me going. And I love the print! I can see it being used commercially. Biggest hugs my friend.

  2. Ja, let's have a cuppa together, also such a pretty cup, dearest Nadeschda!
    Time is money... and both is relative, right? And liminal, sometimes, but even painful then again (but my free Friday is a good value!)
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment at my blog. And, we have the same idea: I framed my 'liminal' already, just as a reminder :-)
    I love your experiments and it is really a honor, that you share this with us!

    Big hugs and kisses, 3 times
    Love, Ariane

  3. interesting to consider how both your art realm and work realm touch one another
    some liminal relationship between them
    love seeing what you are breathing life into
    and that you have a dear place, this blog to express and share them

  4. I know this Feelings very well. My Job is not my great love, but he helps me to have the possibility to make my Art.

  5. Oh yes. Move in that direction! I once built a studio and it suddenly made my job more enjoyable. I was working to pay off a studio and to fill it with supplies. It set me straight.

  6. belle progression, bonne continuation! xo!

  7. I can identify with your thoughts on 'liminal', standing on that precarious threshold between being a full-time artist and not. Perhaps you sip what's in the cup while you ponder? Nice print.

  8. Oh yes, the liminial space between time and money! Best to have both:) - eric

  9. waiting with anticipation for that 'soon'

  10. mmm, understand what you are saying, it is all about balance, isn't it. and trying to find and keep it.