drawing | colours, dedicated to ariane, queen of the eisenbach

a dedication to our host ariane {who's unexpected absence is being assured by barbara}, introducing colour in this weekend's drawing challenge theme. what was our sweet queen of the eisenbach to know she would be facing the cruel, blazing colours of real fire... i am left speechless, for all the hard work you've put into your freshly installed home, ariane... the irony is almost killing me. please accept this small home for now, with pink details, especially for you. x courage, mon amie. ♥ & river update


  1. Hi Nadine, great idea to draw a new home for Ariane and now and then a few pink and green splashes go good with the houses!

  2. ha! we hadden een soort van hetzelfde idee, een hommage ;^))

    sweetie, this drawing is wonderful
    and i like the little pink details
    and although it's not a castle
    i am sure Ariane would LOVE this house!

    Patrice A.

  3. A lovely home for Ariane, Nadine! I know she'd like the addition of pink.
    Very sweet idea. xo Carole

  4. Aw, Nadine, that is the sweetest dedication. All my love to you, and Ariane. I'm sure she'll love her new pink and green home. :D

  5. This is so sweet. I would move in at once! Love the little house! And colours will surely shine from inside out with the life of people living inside! Dear Ariane, hope, you'll find your new castle with pink details and feel home again some day...

  6. I think you give hope for ariane! wonderful new castle!