drawing | coca cola

oh, what a day to be outside. {image # 1 below from older post, but appropriate for this weekend's DC challenge.} 

i collect images for my 2014 drawing project every few weeks. but lately that hasn't really happened. the few times i walk around, i see alot of striking views around me, not applicable to the project {update}. but never mind. there's your usual hovering as you scroll (unless on tablet, so sorry). and at the very end sits an accidental pacman, illustrating this weekend's DC theme. mission accomplished {albeit a free style participation}. over to rachel. enjoy the rest of the weekend! ♥ 


  1. lol :0)) I have seen your tiny photo too! Thanks for the warm welcome. I like your smashed coke cans...they speak more to the modern day consumption

  2. such fine images!
    i like the one of the abandoned factory complex
    and in the end
    a coca-cola-pacman! (memories!!)
    thanks for the journey ;^))

    Patrice A.

  3. The can on the top image is a collectors item!

  4. Love it Nadine. I see coke in all the images, whether colour replicas of the iconic red or political ideals relating to the drink. :)

  5. I enjoyed these photos, Nadine and got a smile from Pac-man Coke Can!
    Happy week to you my dear,

  6. So personal your pictures. So you're the one that always looks down to see if something interesting is there!!! That also must be an interesting picture. You've got a great camara and a very very good view for seeing things.

  7. Wow! Nadine such great photos! and I think the flattened coke can is perfect!

  8. Your gorgeous images beginning and ending with Coca Cola. Love them all. I've said this before, but I love what you see!
    Your eye for beauty and curiosities is well defined. How is your house coming along? I'd better catch up with you now, go back and see for myself.

  9. it's always interesting to me what you choose to photograph, and how pretty you make the unpretty seem.

  10. What a collection! "Transience" is a headline, that comes to my mind. "Continuation", too. Your photos are always a pleasure. Surprising and fresh in their style. I love those crashed cans. And the sleeping lady, of course! She would be perfect for my bedroom wall!
    I'm a little bit belated this week, but I still had fun to solve the coke challenge! See you! :-)

  11. like francesca write, you make the unpretty look pretty ... and the squeezed can on the last pic even looks like it is smiling. Love your drawings in your project too ... you'll end up with a very cool map of your town/city :)

  12. What truly extraordinary images!!!!! Love your eye!