exponentially in love

i wish. 
the in love these days filled in by virtual mayhem. 
i may have said this before, 
and i do not expect you to remember that i did, 
but i am, 
in many respects, 
a slow learner. 

that suits me fine, 
but can you imagine the speed of lightning 
which has entered my home by joining 

not just by joining, of course, but 
firstly, foremostly by 
at first a little shy, 
then a tad stout, 
in the end reckless. 
sounds like falling in love, he? 

and falling 
in pinterest
i'm not complaining. 
remember : s l o w. 
come and play? 


  1. Ha ha..... once Pinterest gets you excited it's very addictive.
    I just condensed my to three and I seem to have more control over it.
    Hugs from across the lands and seas. xo C

  2. i also love pinterest, i do not spend so much time on it, mostly because i forget it's there.....but once i'm on it again....i'm hooked!
    and i'm following you!! -x-

  3. Next stop instagram. Pretty please??? I'd love it if you started Woolfy - we could have little insta-chats whenever the urge struck us...
    Go on, think about it x

  4. I'm in the mood for this exponentially love :)

  5. i find pinterest a very good tool - i mostly use it to find crochet and knitting patterns, the vast majority of which are already online, but buried away. so, i repin, rather than pinning, stuff that other patient pinterest users have found on the internet!

  6. oh, one can get lost in Pinterest, dear Nadeschda! I know!
    I am new at Instagram now (in sweet contact with Elisabeth/Garnapa and Rachel!)... let's see...
    don't wanna be a nervous wreck because of the flood of informations, even when it is beauty ;-)

    xo Ariane

  7. Hi, Woolfie - I am a bear of little brain when comes to pintrest but oh so tempted to dive in, i have my own account, but cautious about going there due to TIME limits!
    Instagram is my big passion, and hope you will come join in there... the insta is true.
    xxxooo, sus

  8. ;^)))
    en is het daarom zo stil hier?

    ik ben wederom de dc-host
    doe je mee?

  9. Today I was cursing Pinterest as I let it influence how I prepared for my daughters birthday party. Cake and Icecream just don't cut it anymore.

  10. I dont{t think you are slow n! Actually, I still don`t even know what Pinterest is. So slow is relative!!
    Looks intriguing to see all the images, and falling in love is beautiful so happy beginnings to you and M. P.! (monsiurs Pinterset?!) xoJ♡
    PS thank you last weeks comment and not to worry about the word! I also am just learning many words and easily can see how one can slip in for another, thanks for your sensitivity, ♡♥💘

  11. I might be the opposite - started using Pinterest a couple of times, but I got overwhelmed sooo quickly I left it.

    Now, I adhere to a strict diet of a little bit of Twitter and a little bit of Facebook (on weekdays only, and I am potty training myself to actually go over to other peoples timelines once in a while, I keep forgetting to do that...)


  12. It has been fun watching you pin your interests!!!