drawing | rhythm

it’s been a while since i’ve been to the seaside. i miss her. dearly. i miss the sand, the dunes, the seagulls, the breeze, the shells, the water, the coming and going of the sea tide which won’t stop, not even if it’d want to. nature pushing the waves forward, sky looking down upon, sun shining, rain drizzling, wind galing. the sea, the sea. even when she’s silent, she ripples.  

for now though, the sea remains in my inner me, all while the sea prompts herself onto a page in my sketchbook. the sea is pushy, after all, pushy for rhythm. 

and yes, i have let myself get inspired by hokusai’s great wave. how could i not have?  

great way to get rid of my huey winter blues too, hey! great drawing theme, rachel


  1. Oh, I love these whimsical waves, the texture of the sand. The colors are so calm and true to the seaside. I am missing the seaside too. Thank you for sharing this dreamy image before I go to bed. The ocean's rhythm always makes me sleepy.

  2. Drawing is a good therapy, hope your weekend is a sunny one!

  3. GREAT!
    Words and drawing.

    And me too, me too!
    I also miss the sea....

    Have a fine weekend!!

  4. Hi Nadine..i miss the sea also but i miss the sun more..now a days..the warmth.
    But your drawing is with good colors..blue,blue,blue

  5. Love it!

    I miss the sea too. And it's only 5 minutes away from me; I just haven't gotten a chance to visit for a while. There's nothing like the peaceful sound of waves to relax you....

  6. I live next to the sea all summer and I know when the lodge finally sells this is the one thing I will miss most is the sounds of the sea at night...

  7. Dear Nadine,
    wow, a really powerful work, great! (Have a look at Jasmin's socks in her post from the forth of March...)
    I can see these hands left on the top. They form letters, but I can't read them...what do they mean?
    And: Thank you, its very lovely to meet you again.
    x Ariane.

  8. I too miss the rhythm of the sea. The sand, the waves, the smell, the breeze... I'll dream of that rhythm tonight, I hope.

  9. Reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night♥

  10. i am here wishing for some summery warmth to grace you soon dear. i love the wispy big circles in the painting, just the right blues. perfect.
    isnt the sea amazing.
    "every drop in the ocean is billions of years old"

  11. rhythm tsunami
    seagulls flight
    shells on beach
    and ripples in sand
    water in water out
    very nice Nadine!
    I like your style

  12. nice and colorful job!
    Like the waves and textures!
    love the sea, just bacause the rhythm never stop!

  13. The blues are wonderful, as is your drawing. Lovely.

  14. WÖW! I love your seaside... and send you the wind I had to fight this week.

  15. I've just noticed myself rocking as if I'm on a boat while staring at your drawing...guess I've picked up that rhythm... love it!

  16. Nadine! I am only this evening getting around to everyone's rhythms.
    The sea. The Great Wave. Your wonderful drawing. My socks!!!
    I love it all. See you soon x