corner view ≈ four-legged update

seems like quite a few are struggling over this last image? was it not a rage over at yours, in the seventies? i'll add a few reminders to that addictive art of scoubidou. you can easily google the method how to, but here's a few takes.

bowing two 'legs'
pulling through the bows two other 'legs'
leaves you with a knotted (plastic) cord
you can then add a message, if you like
little space to add a message
usually these little treasures end up as key rings. in case you wonder, the message on the chinese cookie paper reads : 'use a little extravagance to spice up your daily life'. no problem!


  1. Ah yes - my older brother made those for key chains. A blast from the past!

    What an excellent fortune - good advice, always.

  2. He!He! Yes, they were the rage again a few years back in the UK- my kids had some.

  3. This is the first four-legged tutorial I've ever seen :)

  4. Yes! I remember these, but I could never make them. Just like origami. I'm a failure at both : (

  5. Yes you are one spicy woman...have a super day Momma!