drawing challenge NEW THEME : a letter from the alphabet

telling our a's from our b's from our c's. would you? could you? there. i've said it. it will be this weekend's drawing challenge. so. if you'd like to take me up on it, leave me a comment here. coming saturday, i'll post early (GMT) and then you can just hook up!
warming up, here..... ☻ a for apple, b for bee, c for count you in? sorry about the chaos, i've had to make do with an image at hand... 
cheers, elisabeth, for letting me have a go.

♥ update ♥
(please remind me if you don't find your name below)


  1. this is prefect and such great timing. Henry is big into learning his alphabet right now, so we are all about letters and seeing them everywhere and in everything. even our spaghetti.
    hen just might have something to add on saturday.
    Count us in!

  2. From A for Ariane to Z for Zoo - I'm in!
    x Ariane.

  3. A... B... C... i'm in too.
    Be VERY interesting to see how many coincidences there are this week.
    An interesting challenge Nadine.

  4. OK, I am in!
    A letter, not THE letters I hope....

    See you saturday!!

  5. Hey, Kers...this looks like a challenge for my burned out mind...!◘

  6. i'd be happy to join this challenge!