to wash in the wash to be

when spring is shouting in my very ear,
the flurry leads me on. past militants,
saluting the place i used to work in as a youngster,
into the european quarters
(which i haven't seen for the longest time,
must return when europe isn't residing in top meetings)
i walk a street i recognize,

after a short while
a stranger eating a sandwich is trying to lure me in
for more pic's, somewhere inside this derelict building,
but sorry guy! just the cell, won't do.
spring remains my strongest lead and
sun bounces off any building i look at,
derelict or not, they all shine.
i hold my head high until the very end,
when i feel squeaky clean refreshed.
brussels {elsene/ixelles} on a weekday.


  1. A clean way to enter spring!
    I like the idea of your wanderings, as the buds are coming out to flower, there is a sense of things being freshly washed imaginings...
    xoxo thanks for all your recent thoughts and comments,

  2. Thank you for talking us along on your walk - looks like there's a lot of construction happening everywhere there, not just at yours!

  3. Not a daffodil in sight but very obvious, spring is in the air and in your blood too, xx

  4. "To wash, in the wash to be."

    For some reason this is hilarious to me. Are they doing a play on Hamlet's soliloquy? Or are they just being literal.

  5. I loved taking this walk with you....I'm having a crappy day, I hope tomorrow is better!!!

  6. love the aqua chairs and yellow flowers in your laundromat pic.

    you are too kind sweet etc in your comments to my blog...big smile to start my Saturday.

    p.s. are you a fairy?