'ere he comes again

ho! bob hoskins. don't know what it is about the man, but i like him to bits. here's a motion picture with a huge message : equal pay, for men AND women. you'd think that'd be the case by now, but no-ho. it takes women up to the end of march to get their equal pay for what men have earned by the end of the calendar year. the previous year, that is. it takes a top british cast for a splendid film with humour, drama and well, a most important message. with my eyes closed, and one hand on my 'eart. i'm gonna cuddle this movie.


  1. i can't wait. looks like a gem. beautiful cast.

  2. That must be an encouraging film!
    I hope it will be on Spanish screens soon.
    I wish I had much more time to read all your soft beautiful posts, big kisses Nadine, I'm waiting for your music :)

  3. I saw it a while back and really liked it.