taking up cycling

'de muur van geraardsbergen' - the 'wall' road
any self-respecting sports fanatic knows about a good few belgian bicycle races, right? i have a lot of self-respect, but unfortunately hold no fanaticism towards any sport ('xcept walking, but it might just be a tad slow to be called a sport at the best of times). i just feel well alarmed, when choppers fill the afternoon sky, and the smell of hamburgers and sausages in the air lingers. the cyclists have come to town! the fans have landed! the road is hit! here we go!

compass table on top of the wall, 360° view
in between those much cheered competition races, our small provincial town is all ours, really. we can try to conquer that very same sloping wall, the walking way. admittedly, we stop off now and then, and gleefully keep that energy level balanced. 

brussels waffle, what else? ☻
come to town too
you're invited. ☻


  1. I can smell the coffee and maple syrup...I'm there! I walk ,no bike my butts to big for those little seats,yikes!

  2. I'd love to take a walk in your town, and stop off now and then of course :)

  3. Yes please, I'd like a waffle :) and afterwards we could find a flea market and that would make a perfect day.

    'A letter from the alphabet' is a great theme. Would you be the host and present the theme quite soon, like today or tomorrow? Stephanie also voluntered with the word 'blossom', but you were first. So I thought she might want to host the week after you and then we have two themes ready to work on. How about that solution?
    x Elisabeth

  4. sounds like a great, great time!! i've had one of those amazing waffles! I spent about 5 hours in Belgium. T'wasnt long enough let me tell you.

  5. i just saw a travel show on Brussels and thought...Nadine! it looks so enchanting. it has been a long time since i've been to Europe. I even stopped in Brussels once briefly. miss it all terribly.

  6. If this is a bycicle race it must be Belgium...but me too I choose a warm waffle (lots of whipped cream please)
    mooie fotoos! X

  7. thank you for the invitation ... I only tasted belgian waffles once (in dk) and I am sure the original ones will taste better :)

  8. sounds/ looks WONDERFUL!

    (and glad you liked Violet's second installment : )

  9. Brussel's Waffles - yum! Thanks for the invite - I'd love to come along, hehe ;)