drawing | skin

when you look at skin from close up, the surface is gently dented in with pattern. i dallied some, on the idea of skin design.

who doesn't like to {imaginary} colour in a hidden message? the message is in here, right above!.... i've fallen short of online presence, but then i've been in good company this weekend. carole and doug send their love !! thank you all for playing ariane{sharmon}luciakatrinveronicastefanietammiecitlallijoericpatrice, i'll be popping over later today. 
carole and i were thinking off and on about skin. last night, we reached out, skin on skin, as a symbol too, of our online and live connections, worldwide. hello, everyone!

below : this weekend....1. carole in the kitchen at home, in manneken-pis museum, 6. in sint-bartholomeus, 7. in manneken-pis museum, 8. in passage du nord, brussels, 9. in sint-bartholomeus, 10. outside "ocean blue", 11. sint-bartholomeus, 12. derelict house in town, 13. carole & me in front of geraardsbergen's "little-man-pee" of whom only the tiny legs are showing...


  1. Skin on skin... what a mooi photo,
    dearest Nadeschda! Carole and your's hand. It is like a symbol for connection. Well, I feel connected with you and Carole (even with Doug. Hello, Doug! Nice to meet you) Maybe it's because I stood at the same place in your kitchen, last year...
    Your drawing! Dear, a nice close up. What a pattern (and you are really busy with drawing it) :-)
    Hugs and kisses, cheek to cheek 3 times

  2. skin on skin
    online and live connection
    how i LOVE that
    and your drawing too
    as i said on FB ;^))

    P.S. and did she/they love your shower? ;^))

  3. Nice skin drawing and photos as well. Is there a hidden message inside, or do I miss something:) So well found: skin to skin, the meaning of a shaking hands. - eric

  4. Lovely drawing and sending you a great big X and O right back at you and Carole! I love that you two connected. Wouldn't it be great if we all had that personal connection? I'd love it. :D

  5. looks like a fun time was enjoyed
    love your skin art and photos
    skin on skin in each handshake, more profound when considered
    thank you for being our lovely host

  6. Great macro shot of skin :)
    The pattern created next to it is very interesting - stands alone I think.
    A lovely skin to skin meet up would be wonderful - perhaps one of these days...
    Thanks for the challenging theme - these DCs always get me thinking (and humming)

  7. What a beautiful post! I love your and Carole's hands together.... and all the pictures of your time together. Your skin pattern drawing is beautiful too. I rushed home from work each night in the hopes of having time (and inspiration) for a skin themed creation.... but it didn't happen. Thank you so much for the invitation, and I look forward to visiting all that did create and share.

  8. Lovely post, skin on skin!
    Skin drawing and handshake picture are beautiful.
    All pictures show fun time!

    Thanks for host!

  9. Thank you for this post and this challenge.

  10. Your skin drawing, handshake photo and the mosai are all so nice. I tend to long for baby-like soft, smooth skin but at the same time I think skin gets nice and impressive with wrinkles, lines, stains and so on. By the way, I’m also attracted by the barks, the skin of trees.


  11. Nice picture. Greetings Tom. Also nice theme words.