drawing challenge NEW THEME | SKIN

i haven't much thought about skin. my own, anybody else's. but since i caught on human skin is an organ, and the largest one in our body, my respect is infinite. to evaporate and absorb, how cool is our skin?

i know we've recently talked tattoos on DC, very skin related, obviously. i'm intrigued though, by more options on skin, myself having little clue on the subject as yet. you? leave your name below for DC on 19-20/09/15 : ariane, {sharmon}, lucia, katrin, veronica, stefanie, tammie, citlalli, jo, eric, patrice, ☺. ps - will be posting on sunday. carole says hi!! ♥


  1. Skin, Nadine? I am in (and sometimes I jump out
    of my skin, but less, I am getting old ;-) )
    xo Ariane

  2. Today with my very thin Skin I say I am in. ;-) Thank you for the Invitation, Nadine.

  3. ups, this theme is really a challenge, but count me in. (what I am doing here?)

  4. Oh fun! And, at the moment I've got a tooth abscess so, as my Czech grandmother would say, I don't feel like I'm in my right skin. (Doesn't translate so well from Czech, but you get the idea) Love to be in! Love a distraction right now. :D

  5. I´m in, too! Thank you for the invitation!
    x Stefanie

  6. I have far too much skin :-)
    And most of the times that is not bad, because I can use a thick skin.
    I realize that is is indeed a very important wrapping for the whole of me.

  7. I would like to join you.
    thank you for hosting!

  8. Hi, I´m in!
    I´m so excited to return to DC!

  9. Count me in too - no clue as to what to do, but it will be fun I think :)

  10. I'm so sorry dear nadine, but I cant play with you this weekend. tomorrow I'm going to a jazz festival in southern germany and til today I had no idea about skin...
    perhaps next time!!
    :-) mano

  11. Thanks for the invite Nadine. If not too late...you may count me in. - eric

  12. in
    zoals gemeld (volgens mij) via fb
    maar misschien ben ik wat laat
    jongleren met tijd....

    groeten aan Carole ;^)))


  13. Bonjour,

    Grâce à Tammie, je découvre avec ravissement votre univers...
    La peau est un sujet de discussion qui intéresse et perturbe chacun de nous et de tout temps... de l'enfance à la vieillesse.
    Une enveloppe qui contient tous notre sensibilité et nos émotions.

    Gros bisous

  14. OH!!! I am so sorry. i just saw my blog and read your invitation!!!!!!!!!!! OK. nex time. Sorry! :(