curb love

hot pink curb love
coming home to an empty house after a friend's stay is a little difficult, so i pulled weed flowers from the curb today and they are reviving in a vase downstairs, and i feel cheered up. 

patrice printing and in company of dutch sunflowers
we played around with the gelliplate. i've had it for a while, but never broke into it (after actually losing several homemade ones here, and here). patrice had never gelliprinted before and she had a real go at it. 

so we also did bright yellow, to counterweigh the pastel abundance
i learned alot about colours, and my love for pastels got a good first seat view, which i appreciated. we fabricated a little home movie, but failed at the sound, so if you watch it, do turn the sound off, please. 

too damn hot again !!!!!
earlier this week i drew a new doily of which i'm really proud, i show it half here. i will make a postcard from it. the other half is moi, overheated already. damn hot sun. i don't need this heat. 

mum's garden of past times
i've also been experimenting with aquarels and composition. this is an illustrated impression of my mum's garden, they way i remember it mostly, because it's less elaborate at the minute. this is also just a sketch. 

baronie van boelare, geraardsbergen
yesterday we took a walk into the nearby woods and wandered past the Baronie of Overboelare, a place for the elderly today, but once grand property of a baron. it is a peaceful area. 

have a beautiful sunday and a wonderful week ahead. ♥ 

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