doing it. simply by doing it.

last monday morning neighboorhood trot
monday morning i was tripping over dewy grass and watched planes high above my head performing their own little private sky regatta, quite a sight. despite clammy feet in soggy sandals the spectacle inspired me. 

studio one morning

back home, i put on a podcast and prepared my very last week of IG365. i felt a little queasy afterwards. another year of drawing and painting bliss, and now onto something new and awesome. well that's my aim. 

working all that stock back into etsy

i am (online shop) windowdressing again, blowing off the dust of my etsy space and wishing to revive it to a fortunate life. i've yet to (re)define and finetune what it is i will make. ha, yes. important, that.  
oh. started watching bake-off vlaanderen. got side tracked fast sketching the participants' faces ☻

i'm a bit of a bad ass at it, and your best procrastinator if ever one, hiding behind my love to categorize and catalogise, forever pushing actual making onto the back burners. that wants changing. 

sometimes aimlessly putting two and two together

however random my past illustrated narrative may have seemed, it did expose a chronicle of sorts to reignite myself, to show up, to make and open up already. that shop. simply. 

oh oh oh! my new space of residence on saturday mornings? the drawing academy in town
and so i trot. saturdays are for trotting. i'm happy to trot on in digital illustration land too. hoping to hone in on my skills. well, what else? .... have a beautiful weekend and an exciting week ahead. ♥


  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend! I absolutely love your tile! Gorgeous!

  2. The first photo reminds me of a grove of trees on highway 90. I thought it was the same place for second. So much I can relate to in this post.