to have and to hold

{mostly} postcards received through the years
sending and receiving postcards from abroad, gently reminding friend or fiend of an upcoming birthday, celebrating life...  greetings don't always have to travel rapidly or virtually. you can send them easy. ☺

why write, you wonder. well. a postcard sets you apart from the crowd. you need electricity nor battery to write longhand. hackers sure aren't interested in slow messaging, so no digital aggro.

framing one card for extra effect
collecting postcards through the years can actually be fun! whether you bring together your stash haphazardly, or frame a dear card and hang it to shine on its own... it will always be admired. and not just by you. 

porcelain lady in brussels' antiques shop, just last week
to be frank, i have long hesitated to commercially produce postcards. but i rather find writing or receiving a personal message adds a highlight to anybody's busy day. somebody out there took time and effort! 

working on my quotes for doily postcards... 

my favourite postcards bring a message. as a child i dreamt of producing words on t-shirts and selling them. today i come back to the core of the idea, but i am using paper for tees. {and doilies!}. more on that later.  

cutting up butterflies... aw... ☻
vintage paper scraps also take my fancy. that isn't new, but now i'm pushing those snippets round into a pleasing design and salable one-off greeting cards. here's a sneak peek and soon they will sit in my shop. 

showing off the folds. better images to follow
the same goes for the tiny booklets. folding and unfolding is a favourite occupational hazard of mine. i have tried long and hard for idea, artful design and function to meet up somewhere in the middle.

showing off the folds. better images to follow

one style of booklets opens up accordeon like, and reveals its contents while unfolding. {the other booklet style is bound in the middle by string and can be leafed through like a proper sized book.}  

showing off the cover

both booklets have a matching, reinforced cover. both are completely unique items, and consist of either blank pastel painted pages, or come theme illustrated on scrap vintage pages. 

not an actual commercially developed booklet. purely for showing 
a blank tiny booklet may hold your own private messaging after purchase, so it becomes the tiniest personal greetings card ever. to have and to hold, or to offer as a very original gift indeed to a loved one. 

it's a try-out!

an illustrated tiny booklet comes enscribed with either a poetic line, a saying, or even a personalized {short} message which you can commission me on. this way a memento becomes even more special.  

much more on postcards, greeting cards and tiny booklets in the weeks to come. next week: GIVEAWAY 

♥ enjoy the weekend and have a marvellous week ahead ♥

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  1. I wish we could visit your shop October 14th! I do keep postcards and cards. I was collecting postcards, I was 12 when I started. Then one day, when I was in my twenties i came upon a box of postcards from all sorts of places written in all sorts of eras and thought, even though the box was not mine, my collection was complete. But I still keep every postcard I receive.